Free Folk - Modded Server (PST) - Casual RP - PVP Enabled - No Structure Damage

Greetings Adventurer! Are you looking for a new start in a land of HIGH ADVENTURE of the sword and sorcery variety? The please come join us on the Free Folk Server. Server Admin is open to suggestions on gameplay and mods.

IP: 30 Slot Capacity

MOD Collection: Free Folk id=1659446860
MOD Order:
Paragon Leveling
Fist of Essence
Magical Thralls
Better Thralls
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Map Room Teleport Crystal
Wheel of Pain
Glass Construction and more
Savage Steel

Rules: Failure to comply may result in ban from server.

  1. Treat others with respect
  2. No Trolling
  3. Refrain from build blocking critical resources, bosses, obelisk, and recipes
  4. Have Fun