Free Khitan kit in bazaar

Thank you so much for the free skins, Funcom!! The set is AWESOME!! I love you SO much… Oh, wait… They can only be applied if i buy the DLC. Flush yourself down the toilet.

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I think this was a bug. I already own the DLC and it was ‘greyed out’ (un-usable) for me too when I claimed it from the bazaar. :sleepy:


Same here :+1:!
I have always had that DLC, but still have the set “greyed out” in hopes of a future fix.

Ouch… yea it looks like a bug…
On a side note, I really don’t want to see previous DLC items in the bazaar… that’s just cheap… and a low blow


An iron set will do exactly the same job for u !!! Why wait for fix!?? U can gather items for the iron set in like 15 mins XD

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Will agree with u !!! Seen the 0 price, but i chosen to bypass this since i also own this dlc…
And as i mentioned the simple version (which works the same for the illusion) is literally nothing!!!

Isnt this just an illusion? You can make your armor look like it on the Thaumaturgy bench, but you actually can not craft it at the armory bench.

I could be wrong.
I havent actually tried it myself yet. I already wear that armor on siptah.

Yes, that one IS just an illusion (even though it’s bugged and doesn’t work since the 0 price doesn’t actually make you own it apparently despite receiving the illusion items if you “buy” it).

However that is not something new… it’s the illusion of an already existing DLC armor set… that’s what they meant by saying that you could just farm the iron and make the regular non-epic set if you have the DLC then use that as an illusion instead


Ok so, when I first loaded into the gsme , I loaded into a server and died with the new free skin in my inventory. So I lost it . Fast forward to many hours and weeks later I get the opportunity to get the outfit as a result of crumbling someone’s decaying structure. I take the skins. Guess what , don’t have authority to use it . So I’m just completely screwed them ? That’s wrong . I stream this game everyday for hours , buying all the DLC and packs. Don’t I deserve the free skin? Why can’t we recover ours ? Or use others ?

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@Koschgine , you made my day…

since my favorite video game is currently broken, I find solace in scrolling through disappointment of others, as I slowly wean myself from this lockup disaster. As I read, every so often I find gold.

Thank you Forums. Thank you community. Shared misery is… funny as heck!


U play on pc?

Unfortunately it also has a tendency to create echo chambers. They reinforce people’s perception that misery is all they have, and often result in further strengthening the feelings of disappointment, resentment and anger.

Peer support groups work best when the approach is about sharing hope, rather than misery.

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