Free lev 80 how to get it

i got a free lev 80 boost made a neu 1 but dont get the boost what are wrong thx

Create a new lvl 80 character and give them the lvl 80 boost in character creation :+1:t3:

At the very end of the character creation process you’ll get a final box with the characters name & class and a CONFIRM button.

Well below? it should be another part that asks if you want to create a lvl 1 character or a lvl 50 or 80 character. Sounds like you missed that part and just hit confirm.

there is one more thing
since game now puts you into unconquered mode on newly created chars automaticaly
you obviously cant make unconq lvl 80
so make sure to unmark option with unconquered mode on that char you want to boost to 80 or 50 cos there is this also the 50 lvl boost for accounts that achieved at least one lvl 80 - one timee only for free