Free speech does not apply to forums?

I am a bit confused? What is the point of a forum? I couldnt see in the guidelines where I violated the rules. I agreed with the guy and stated he should adapt which means follow the rules. I am glad I got this screen shot for other platforms it is priceless.

No, private forums can be as strict as the company that owns them wants to be. Which can be a double edged sword sometimes, because I’ve witnessed some forums which are extremely pro ( pick a political spectrum ) and then turn around and ban people from the opposite side for whatever. Don’t know what you got banned for, but yeah, Funcom makes the rules here.

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Yah the ban itself is irrelevant. The thing was the fact I was just agreeing with the guy and said to adapt to the rules. I dont see how that was bad unless they just didnt like the quiting aspect.

Nope. You agree to terms and conditions of the website when you access it.

The same way you dont actually own the software. Your given permission to use it under terms and conditions.

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“Freedom of speech” is one of the most misunderstood human rights. It does not, and it’s not supposed to, mean you can say anything, anywhere, at any time. It means that the establishment (government etc.) does not suppress political or religious opinions in public debate or press etc.

Every community and organization has its own rules and regulations. Your employer may decide to ban political or religious discussion on the workplace, for example. If you go to the church, you’re not supposed to start a discussion on climate change when the priest is holding a sermon. And on privately-managed online discussion forums, the owner can set terms and conditions on what kind of discussion is welcome.

Your human rights have not been violated.


There’s free speech and there’s speech without consequences. The first is a noble and desirable idea. You can speak your mind freely even if it condradicts the opinions of those wielding power. The second is an impossibility.
That fact that you can say what you want doesn’t shield you from the consequences of having said it. Those consequences are dictated by the rule of law, tradition, several sorts of social agreements, etc. It follows that the only totally free speach you can have is the one inside your mind. The moment you verbalize it, consequences may follow. They can range from meeting agreement or disagreement, pissing your neighbor, getting arrested or being shot. Or you can get someone in love with you. It all depends on the circumstances, time, place, people, etc.
The right to have an opinion doesn’t mean the right to have that opinion validated/accepted by others. People tend to mix the two.

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Hi @Outcast3rd

Just as Cattibria mentioned, make sure you check out our forum social guidelines before posting.

If you would like to know more about the status of your in game account, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.