Free Week is NOT the cause of the lag

I keep seeing people suggest that the free week is what’s causing all the lag. The free week is causing populated servers, which is a normal thing in any healthy game.

Yes, the lag may go away after the free week because the populations are lower, but I think we should be blaming unoptimized code rather than full servers. Some official feedback on the plan to increase server optimization would be amazing. 3-5 FPS with 40 people is unsustainable, free or not.


Correct- been playing for a good year and a half on officials and never an issue because server pop was 0-10 maybe 12-15 once in a while.

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Private servers run the same code as officials. Yet can handle 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 90 players without issue.

You’re right, free weekend isn’t causing your lag. You might want to consider one with better hardware allocated. That’s just never going to happen with officials unfortunately.

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When i can kill mobs and they arent moving sort of unfun if you know what i mean.

Ive never been on a private server with more than 15 people actually come to think of it

Maybe i dont get out enough.

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