FreeHUD : Ability cooldown jailbreak

Ability cooldowns unlocked from the ability bar.



  • Mirrors ability and gadget slots from the ability bar as independent free floating icons
    • Use the standard GUI unlock to position and scale the icons
  • Auto hides slots that don’t have a cooldown based ability in them
  • /setoption efdFreeHUDHideReady true will also hide abilities that are ready to use, leaving only currently recharging cooldowns on screen

Known Issues

  • Weapon gimmick abilities may start in an incorrect state, and are of limited use with current behaviour

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Forum edits are only permitted for a limited time. This post may not fully represent the current state of the mod. If I am unable to edit the post, I will add updates in a reply. Links should go to the latest download and not need updating. This post is accurate as of v0.0.1-beta, released March 29, 2018.

Feedback, suggestions or bug reports are welcome.


Thank you for the mod. In combination with Reticle HUD I finally can concentrate on the center of the screen instead of always watching the bottom and ignoring the action itself :grinning:
One question, but nothing really important: Would it be possible to add an optional transparency slider for the icons?

Compared to some of the other features on my list, that one was rather painless. Not sure when I’ll manage to get the update out, but transparency settings should be available then.


Great, thanks in advance! :smiley: