Freezing and Crashing in Single player modes on my own account but not fiance's account same machine

I don’t know what is going on honestly as I play on single player mode. Both me and my fiance play on the same machine him on his own account and me on my own account at different times. Both of us play single player only at this time till we get another TV to hook up our old PS4 so we could do co-op down the road. So in Summary:

1 PS5 machine with 2 totally different accounts. Both playing on Exiled lands.
Account 1 (my fiance’s) works fine has very little issues apart from standard rendering issues. Can even go on admin controls with no issues.

Account 2 (Mine) Constant freezing, corrupted data, If I dare use anything Admin control freeze and corrupt. Had a purge a few days ago Froze right at the beginning of the purge totally reset purge line and everything I had been waiting on that purge to finish my journey!!! Fiance thinks it is because I like to build and have my own little town and a huge amount of thralls. I only have 3 different areas with houses/castle cause I like to build things I have many types of Beasts and Thalls over half of them at level 20 cause well I am disabled and have time to play and grind. But now I have constant freezing and Crashing and Corrupted data multiple times an HOUR!

How could my game have corrupted Data on it and my fiance’s game be perfectly fine? He was the one to download it to the PS5 system to begin with and it downloaded to my account as well.
If I delete from my account and redownload will it affect his?
Is there a way to fix the issue of the freezing and corruption without having to delete everything?
I have put in close to 700 hours into this game and I really do not want to start over from the beginning especially since I just finished up everything.

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Have you renewed licenses lately that helped on ps4. My wife used to get corrupted data warning on her ps4 alot since we purchased ps5. I read recently that some one experienced less problems when logging in under co-op rather than single player still going into the same game can’t remember the facts I believe it saves differently. Do you connect with your bed or bedroll before logging off and use the quit button. So it saves. @Kalla

Well I have logged on to both the PS4 and PS5 to make sure everything was updated on both. I went around and dismantled my outer wall to my city since I turned off purges after I finally got that piece of the journey done. I honestly do not like the purges one bit. I took down anything that was empty and not in use chest wise. I don’t have as much rendering issues now, but it still will not let me go from one castle to the other by transport stone or it totally freezes up and I have to reboot. If I have to take down more I will but I am trying to keep from doing that as my house and Tavern are the 2 most decorated places in the one area. I love my little town as it is like a dream village to me. I will continue to play with it and see if there is anything I can do to work on the issues but I am still fully at a loss right now.

Personally have yet to use transport stones magic tends to mess up the game Golums and transmog bench we use. We play mostly official servers however we have 2 private one’s when playing their we use admin teleporting doesn’t cause a problem
You might want to go into god mode temporarily incase you land in the wrong spot. On official servers Golums do seem to cause disconnect issues when active
. Looking forward to seeing how things work out for you and your partner. @Kalla

My wife decorates like crazy even official servers doesn’t seem to be a issue however when in single player ps5 is working as a server might be extra stress it was for ps4 especially if getting hot. Good luck.

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