Freezing issue on playstation

So it’s not just me this is happening with then. Me and this game have a marmite relationship. Love hate.

Such a shame as it’s got so much potential.

A sports car with a child driving.

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The potential of the game is the most annoying aspect for me. It tapped into an unknown love of architecture that i never knew existed. Planning complex buildings then bringing them to life was so rewarding. The freedom of single player is what i miss most, the admin panel is what i’ve wanted from every game i’ve ever played (just give me all the ingredients and let me loose)
@RogueBudda Technically a child could drive a car, what a child could not do is drive a car that was created by people slugging nuts & bolts at it in the hopes of creating an engine.

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:joy: totally agree. Think this game needs a new team with maybe more passion and money to throw into it b4 it dies, because that would be a really shame.

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Idk why they have dlcs even onsale. I bought 2 and to work around the lag, freezes, and bluescreens it’s often suggested that we use less building pieces and lights etc.

Exactly what’s in the DLCS lol.

After the Underwater dungeon it’s only gotten worse.

It freezes and bluescreens multiple times a day. (1tb ps4 with ssd drive) really hope they improve performance soon

How do they even get certified by ps with the bad performance issues

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@RogueBudda It’s gonna take a pretty penny to fix. Poor Conan needs some serious surgery, i’m talking full body makeover, the works. Then you gotta teach him how to talk, how to fight properly, how to actually sleep in a bed, how to participate in a cutscene etc. The guys a lost cause. Probably cheaper & easier to just make a new game.

@SquashEm Exactly. That’s why i suggested we demand refunds, was hoping for some kinda raid Area 51 type traction on this.

I’m joking of course… I only got 1 DLC on sale anyways, If i paid full game price and the 2 season pass though…different story, i’d be willing to take 'em to court for a refund+damages.

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I wrote to Game Informer this morning about this.
Doubtful anything will come of it but given the company history. You never know.

Especially if I channel Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption and write two letters a day lol


I here you, I want it to work properly soooo bad, could be such a A+ game

For the love of gaming, wtf is going on, trebuchet vanished again…

Just logged on to discover this…

That’s the 3rd time I’ve made one of these, what is going on with this game.

Seriously funcom, address the issues and respond to the gamers…

We need answers… I’m about to give up on this game and it sounds like alot of people are also close to that decision.

If your care for the gamers you need to talk.


Another unsatisfied customer. The frustrastion is turning into anger now. Hey Funcom, people take video games quite serious nowadays, you should do likewise.

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What Wak meant by cleaning the PS4 was an actual cleaning, as in, blow out the dust. There are numerous examples from people who have had their PS4 for a while and it has accumulated dust in the vents. This causes it to overheat. It’s not always the problem, but it has worked for several people.

Also, I have some coasters under the corners to pick the console off the shelf to allow air flow. This also affects the heat.

I don’t do this because I play Conan. I do this because 30 years working in the electronics industry tells me heat is the enemy of electrical devices.

Now, game play for me is smooth. I don’t crash anymore. I have seen people complaining that they released a game the console can’t handle. That is false. When I played on my slim, the only problem I had was at home base when I returned. It would happen once, and then not again until I left and returned. I did not crash anywhere else, and there are some huge bases on the server.

I still play on my Slim from time to time, but the external SSD makes the game play smooth. I haven’t crashed at home in months.

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Trebuchet decays pretty fast, unsure of timer. Built on foundations helps


Very good advice. But I’ve already done all that.

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It’s built on a ship an I used it the night b4 so times must be really fast

I see more and more people posting freezing issues on the board. Maybe it’s time to set a permanent topic for it.

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Maybe it is, I hear they plan to fix the bugs and glitches and sort out cheaters lol, apparently this was touched on in the live stream. But fast to mention the new DLC. Only time will tell if this is true or just another distraction and play on words for when they drop there new DLC early September.

I won’t purchase anything until this game runs properly.

@Porkslap I have created a new forum post for unhappy gamers to list there names in. Go on there and add yourself to the list. If it grows maybe we will get that response. (Maybe)

Game mode: Online PvE-c
Problem: Crash
Map: #3041

There is a huge problem with the game crashing out when you run past huge builds, it’s happening now all the time on official and getting to the point were I’m starting to think about ditching the game.

Which is sad news as i thought this game had huge potential. Surely this kind of stuff should be more important on the fix chart rather than New content.

For me its 12 to 1230am UK time, every day as I’m running past huge builds, because the map is full of them, maybe have a BUILD limit or something, even if it’s just for now until you fix it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Be online
  2. Run past loads of huge builds,
  3. Crash
  4. Restart if the server is even in the list and not disappeared.

Please fix or at the least let us know what’s happening.

Edited note:
constantly FREEZING or crashing, and when it does, for me sometimes I’ve crashed and I can watch my character just keep running or swimming with no control until it crashes out completely. Then when I finally get back on the server, that’s if it’s in the list, I find my character has gone a long way by it’s self and I can find myself anywhere, unless I’ve lucked out and hit a wall that has stopped me.