Freezing issue on playstation

Hello @RogueBudda, thank you for reaching out!

Our team is aware of the performance issues on console and is looking into it, apologies for the inconvenience. Please don’t hesitate to forward the crash reports to provide our team with additional data.

Are you also experiencing this in other servers, both official and private?

Is your console connected to the internet through wired or wireless connection?

I have had this issue since Update 1.40 (I believe that’s the one). May 2019. Tried working with someone but gave up. I’ve pretty much gave up on the game too. Logged in to see if anything has changed and 5 minutes in, game froze up. Last thing I was told to do was remove every light source in my camp. I’ll check back again in a couple months.

Only official, but I don’t know about private, as I don’t play on them, I report crash on ps4 everytime, sometimes it don’t give me the option but when it does I do.

It’s happening more and more now, sometimes 2,3 times in one sitting but most days

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With me it’s mostly when passing others bases but can happen anywhere, it’s really annoying when all you want to do is enjoy a game that has so much potential but it lacks a lot of smooth running, I see animals just rising of the ground and my thrall stand in the ground not on it lol, so frustrating. And don’t get me started on the animal armour, the fact you can’t take the armour on and off, crazy. But hey, that’s the last of the problems, we need to start with problem 1 2 and 3, Game running smooth , bugs disappearing, not adding and bans on players that dupe and undermesh.

It’s were I’d start

try a nice player owned server with the settings rigged. ive adapted the attitude thats its better to get real far, real fast, then haveto start over when the server disappears. because yea, the officials gets full of doofuses lol

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Lol, I get you, but then I worry about is the private server going to have it’s Bills paid on time or will it be gone at some point, think that would bother me more lol

I crash constantly yesterday loss track of how many times but is was at least 5 times in a 1 hour time period. Happens when I do anything requiring me to go into inventory near or in our base if I try to craft anything, view my thralls inventory or add something to my wheel. I will crash just walking from room to room if my inventory is full. I don’t have crash issues when in dungeons or out in the world. I get that it maybe the size of our base but I belong to a ten man tribe on an Official PvP server. So we have thralls and pets inside & out and we are built inside a temple. We have to defend ourselves so reducing the base size is not an option.
I play on a standard PS4, wireless and I have already cleaned out dust. My sister plays with me and she has a pro and does not have this issue. She might crash once in a evening of playing but I a crashing every five to ten minutes. I have been playing since launch and I have built base way bigger than the one we are in now I would see an occasional blue screen crash but rarely. Now I blue screen and screen freeze making the game completely unplayable.

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Hello @Khauncubine, we’re actively working on improving performance on the consoles so all feedback is helpful.

Having a PS4 Pro model, a wired connection and an SSD helps with the performance issues when playing in areas with a heavy load of building pieces, light sources and npcs, and since we don’t impose a limit as to not restrict players’ creativity, we suggest that you tailor your base to have a reasonable amount of the aforementioned placeables. Some players resort to having a few average sized bases in different spots rather than a huge one in one spot, which successfully mitigates this issue.

Well buying a ps4 pro just for this game is out of the question, all other games I play run smooth.

I crashed 3 times last night and I do have a 2tb ssd, makes very little difference.

Plus having many medium sized bases all over the place spoils it for others, even more so on pve-c and pve, pve-c only having 6 official servers and pve always full to the brim of ppl, giving nobody else a decent place to build because everyone wants the map to themselves.

And we never see any map resets to fresh it up so ppl are stuck under 10man clans and stupid farm building claiming the land everywhere.

Would love to know your take on this??

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@RogueBudda I don’t know what is happening with your server but I don’t experience these issues we build some big stuff could it be your whole server is overwhelmed. Maybe find a private server with official settings. Good luck.

And we are using 1tb units my wife and I for last 15 plus hours 2 servers only she blue screened when loading and once in game.

Seems like everybody needs a truck load of builds all over the place, that and jam packed official servers, seems to be always full. Private servers worry me, due to are the bills always going to be paid, struggling to find a happy place with this game, it’s a love hate kind of thing, and the love is going. Such potential is this game

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Yeah I do crash 5 times every 1hr every time I play. Very frustrating, hopefully they are able to improve performance for ps4

Yeah, many people are having this issue.
Yet they do nothing about it.

They’d rather stand around and ban people for complaining about it, than fix the issue.

I wiped it off my PS4, reinstalled it, only to have it start doing it yet again.
The company doesn’t care. It’s another pump and dump scheme just like Secret World.

This issue has been happening for almost three months now. And it hasn’t been taken even remotely serious. We’re told to buy new hardware to fix something that effects no other games played.

Yeah…not a scheme at all…


I have created a new forum post for unhappy gamers to list there names in. Go on there and add yourself to the list. If it grows maybe we will get that response. (Maybe)

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Indeed it’s here :
I will join if the incoming patch or Funcom comments about this perf issue are unsatisfactory.

We’ve merged both topics with similar discussion as there’s no need to discuss this issue on different fronts.

As it has been mentioned over similar posts, we actively gather data from both forums and crash reports, so we’re aware of the ongoing issues with console performance and the developers are looking into them as well.

While we do appreciate the time taken by everyone to share issues and feedback, sometimes the passion that some players have for the game may translate into certain behaviors and posts that end up doing more harm than good towards our efforts in gathering useful data from the forums and for the community’s general mood.

To keep it short, please understand that attempting to raise awareness through opening multiple posts or repeatedly reporting the same issues without providing new and relevant information is not helping anyone.

We do monitor the forums and other venues on a daily basis and our developers are working hard to deliver fixes, improvements and new content. Sometimes it might take longer than expected, but we do our best to deliver, and although we’re unable to provide a fixed ETA for the upcoming patch, it’s not that far down the road.


You will no longer be able to add your name, Funcom has closed the thread…

I look forward to the change, can’t wait for a smooth running game, I’m sure your real fans would be ok to wait for DLC packs and have the time spent making those turned into time and money spent fixing the list of problems,

Funcom has such good potential with this game and it would be a shame to see it go down.

Nobody wants to see Funcom end like teltale games.

Im really looking forward for an improvement (dislike using word “fix” for perf issues cause we all know they’ll continue) with the next patch. Seems to be some sort of rendering issue as I have noticed that I mostly crash/bluescreen in my base and I do have a lot of things in boxes like weapons, armor, and resources. Works fine in the open world but as soon as I get back to base bluescreens. Maybe things try to render too fast and it’s a lot to render so stresses the console too much. I would rather have it render slower but more stable and just wait 30secs if necessary instead of constantly crashing. I play on official server, 1tb Ps4 2015 gen, recently cleaned it so there’s no dust,conan exiles app installed in External SSD and I have 250mb wired connection. Really looking forward for improvement on performance with the next update as I have done everything on my part that Im capable of to improve it. Bought a SSD just for Conan that’s how much I like this game but it is very frustrating to crash every time I go back to base. Also got rid of many npcs and placeables but still crashes. I think it has to do with storage as I do have a lot of stuff. Cant afford a ps4 pro but if y’all would buy me one in the meantime I would appreciate it but I know y’all wont so all I ask is that y’all deliver some sort of improvement with the next update next month as we have been patiently waiting for much needed improvements since May2019 (3 months and counting). I love this game and Im patient but give me some signs of life guys come on. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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