Frequent disconnections from the server

After the last update, regular disconnections from the server appeared, and the following message appears: “Outgoing reliable buffer overflow” . No mods, I play on the official server.

That’s usually a max Memory error. How much RAM do you have on your PC? You can try opening Task Manager and shutting down all non essential programs. I have had that error a few times in the past. I only have 8 GB of RAM and after playing for awhile I usually hit around 60% RAM and the game starts getting sluggish.

32 GB of RAM

Check your system to see if your memory is still working, if an hardware problem happened usually Windows just show you there is less memory than you think on the system without giving you a warning.

If all it’s working well it could be some software setting, have you changed something recently or installed new software ?

I am having similar issues. But it looks as though all of the servers crashed this morning. Luckily it came back online and I was able to recover. I was moving things from one location to another. Crashed while I was outside.

Had to go to work. So relieved it came back online 10 minutes before I had go leave. The person who found my body would have been one very rich son of a gun.

It’s not a RAM error.

It happens when too much data is sent/buffered via the network stream.

Here is an example of what is going on:

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Thanks for that link. I am no programmer, but it seems the difference between reliable and unreliable is an important factor on performance, in server-client data transfer. This is very interesting, maybe devs or engine techs can have a look at it.

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