Fresh 24/5 First Blood 24-7PvP Kits-Shops-TP-ELI-AOC

Sick of having to grind all the time?
Sick of toxic officials?
Sick of 24/7 raid servers?
Want a great modded server, then head on over to First Blood 24-7PvP Kits-Shops-TP-ELI-AOC
We would like to invite any and all who wish to join our growing community.

Direct server link:

Server Settings:
Harvest 7.5x
EXP 7.5x
Fast Craft
Slow Water/Food Drain (Players)
Free kits

Wipes will be few and only when server performance is impacted or community votes so

Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.14
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator
LitMan Item Stack
LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
Glass Constructions and more…
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Fashionist v3.0.0 (1.0 and DLC compatible
Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.3.4 (1.0 compatible)