Fresh new server RelicsofConan!

Server Name: RelicsOfConan [06/04 Fresh] [X5 Gath] [X2 XP] 7-9pm EST raid time

Fresh server as of 6/4
x5 gather
x2 XP
slightly lowered water consumption
PVP enabled all the time However Raid/building damage is on a timer from 7pm-9pm every day

We are always open for any suggestions on Mods and or setting changes.

Created server because we were looking for a server with boosted rates but got tired of seeing “unusual activity”
We do not have an ingame admin at all it was specifically set up that way. What we do have is a Severside admin for changing of settings, restarts and fixes/mods

Most other settings are Vanilla we didnt want to take away from thrall usage.

currently 30 slots will up if needed.

We didnt want to make a /easymode server but as said we are open to all suggestions on settings and mods.

Night time is also vanilla, i see alot of servers get rid of night time? Honestly IMO that takes alot away from not only the immersion but a lot of usable cosmetics.

Questions let me know!