Fresh PvP 2x/2x Server with QoL Improvements

Hey Everyone!
Since the new update hit we figured we wanted to start on a new fresh server, but with ‘almost’ the same settings as the official PvP Servers.
So we started a completely fresh new one! But what does every working server need? Players!
So I figured I should advertise it :slight_smile:


  • official Servers PvP Rules and Rates (2x EP/2x Harvest)
  • Raidtime 17-23 everyday
  • PvP all the time

Pippi’s Admin Mod for Events or sth in the future (if you want it)
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped! - for better visibility and more information overall (you can disable it ingame)


  • Don’t grief with foundationspam, or landclaim!
  • nothing else really
  • really

If you like what you see come and join us on:

Fresh 8.05. PvP 2x/2x with QoL Imp. Vanilla-like