Fresh PvP Server with gently raids

Hello fellow Conan Exiles Players!
As I saw the many many empty or near empty PvP servers, I contacted some of the owners. After a few conversations, we came together and forged a PvP Coalition. Now, with our joined forces, we have a nice community of PvP players who are looking for even more competition or potential allies. The fresh wipe and start went online on 12th of June. Building damage is off until next weekend to give the players are easier start. (PvP is still on though) We have players from both sides of the Atlantic, so there should allways be someone online.
The important settings are 2x Harvest, 2x EXP, just a few essential mods and a clan limit of 5, since we are all rather small groups and don’t want to get raid/raped by an 10 men assault force.

Our server IP:

If you have any further question, let me know or add me on steam (Barbarossa)

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We got some regular clans settled now but still space for new players! Come join us.

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Looking for 2 solid members for our clan! Rolling as Argossean, planning a build around a copy of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and a port city surrounding. If you enjoy good building mixed with PvP, and you want to be a true Argossean, come play with us!

All players so far are very sportsmanlike about PvP and it is very refreshing. You will have the opportunity for skirmishes, sieges, and politick.


Looking forward for new clans to join. Existing clans were quite nice to newer players so far.