Friday Night PUB Premades!


We’ve been doing these nightly. Lots of fun! I urge everyone to try to attend. Seeing a lot of improvement from players in them already.

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Given the event this Friday are we delaying pub premades this week?


We’ll probably just skip them on Friday in lieu of the event :slight_smile:


Are you guys doing them nightly? I would like to get in on this…Who did I need to contact?



They are quite informal. We make the call on global during NA prime time particularly as a way to get away from the matchmaking system which is far from perfect.

I will DM you next time we do em. We’re always looking for new blood.


Any premades during EU prime time?


We’re mostly US timezone, but you guys could organize some


Yea I would like to do some premades when I get home from my vaccation


After the tournament and even when Saga of Blood eventually finishes, I’d love for this to continue. Happy to promote this on our channels/launcher as a Community Spotlight for the future. Let me know if that’s something you’d like!


Having a big events with 4 captains picking their teams and having a bo3 elimination tournament would be pretty sick on Saga.

Currently there are a lot of issues, like not being able to get a 6th person in I’d someone couldn’t accept the mini game in tournament mode.


That’d be fantastic. Generally we run them at around 6 PM PST/9PM EST


The premades I’ve attended with everyone were very fair and I learned a lot. Win or lose you win in the long run. Much appreciated to the people that put this on for the community.


I’ve had alot of fun also and even throw blue heals now…I know hard to believe


In anticipation to the Bloodbath premade tournament. I want to resume our Friday night premade routine. We’ll go over tactics and team compositions. Also talk shop about classes and their strengths and weaknesses.

I’ll start advertising around 9pm est. This is a drop in session, and all are welcome to join our public discord to ask questions even if you don’t want to participate in our games.

Discord will be mandatory. As you will need it if you are going to participate in the Bloodbath to increase your chances of victory


If you want to move this to Fury or Crom after Saga of Blood closes up, let me know and I can move the thread out of here after the 19th.


We definitely will be moving it to fury!


Had a great night doing pug premades. Thanks to the barbaric warriors for coming out!