Friendly city on Siptah?

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So, is there a friendly city/camp/area on siptah like there is in Exiled Lands?

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There’s the Camp of the Castways in the central north part of the island.


Thank you

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Was not expecting to see that person. Very nice surprise.

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Yes you would expect Red Sonja but not Valeria who would be dead in this time period. The Devs need to bush up on their Conan lore.

…This isn’t the movie version of Valeria. Howard’s original version didn’t die in the story she appeared in.

Or are you thinking of Belit?


Go to Sepermeru, most of them will ignore you. Just the bandits are hostile there. You can recognize them from their dark outfits. They are kind of stationary. If you don’t get close, you are fine.

We have no idea what happened to Valeria since Red Nails was his last story and is controversial since it was put out after his death. Did he finish it or a ghost writer? Nobody knows. Funcom even used the character in Age of Conan. So the character is up in the air for interpretation since they added the movie version statue via The Riddle of Steel DLC based on the movie.

Thank you, but I learned that one a few years ago. This was for Siptah, the new map :slight_smile:

To be fair, the whole Riddle of Steel pack was a homage to Conan the Barbarian. It was all from the movie

So? She didn’t die in the story. That’s all we need to know here. That’s the relevant information.

Which would be taking place after the events of Conan Exiles, so…

I highly doubt the Riddle of Steel DLC was meant to be an explicit acknowledgement of the '82 movie as Official Funcom Conan Canon and that Howard!Valeria and Movie!Valeria are somehow the same person despite their respective stories being fundamentally incompatible with each other (to say nothing Conan’s story in the movie being incompatible with that of Howard’s version).

And all of this is moot anyway, because I looked up when Conan Exiles is set:

In terms of time frame it takes place between Xuthal of the Dusk and a Witch Shall be Born (following the Dark Storm chronology)

And according to the Dark Storm chronology, Red Nails is set well after those two stories, so Valeria would still be alive anyway.

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On server #7072 we have a clan making insulting clan names to my LGBT clan mates. How can I report them?

Red Sonja is a different licensing group, and is not available to Funcom without a price I fear.

First, welcome to the forums @Caden080. Second, I think you posted in the wrong place. As for reporting players breaking TOS here’s a link (I hope the right place) Submit a request – Funcom

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