Friendly Reminder: Emissaries + VATHIS + Many Others Being REMOVED

Halcyon ty for the reminder though :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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RIP Vathis. You were my jewel. I dressed you in my finest and made you stunning things.

We traveled together for ions. We saw. We conquerred. We adventured across all of the most amazing lands.

We mined together. You attacked my enemies while I sniped them from a distance.

You were truely the best of us.


I honestly don’t bother losing my 7 Vathis since I got them without effort at that time and there are enough other thralls as good as Vathis by now. The only thing cirtical I see is are players losing their high level gear because they are unaware about it.

Again, the NPCs in Unnamed City are T4 fighters with 100% spawn rate. A player cannot tell if it is intentional or not that you can break them.

I play the game since it was released, it was always being capturable for me, I see him speak only after one of the lasts updates.

In a year of play, old players have bases full of them, because if time ago Dalinsia and Cimmerian Berserk was better than he was, after the thrall/pet level up updates it becomed one of the best (and cimmerians seriously nerfed) so all of us farmed him !

All peoples playing before the Vathis “fixing” have Vathis as their follower having in most of cases the only one copy of Sword of Crom they have, you can’t simple wipe out him without consequences.

So please, please don’t do it, I’m beggin you Funcom. At least don’t do it without a warning to that players !

I’ll have no interest in playing a game where half of the guys being now my friends after a year of play together quit because they lose their weapon obtained after so hard fighting.


The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh.


“Fixed a bug where the player could not interact with, and was able to kill Vathis the Hierophant”

From this patch. A thrall that isn’t intended to be killed is obviously not intended to be captured. FC certainly could have done more to convey this, but it 100% wasn’t intended.

People are being given time to remove the gear from these thralls, my only issue is there should be an in game warning about this upcoming change, so as many players as possible see it and can get out ahead of it.

Which is why CRISPR is the fire of Prometheus.

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Again, I fail to see how leaving Vathis as is, is detrimental to the game. It affects nothing in PvE/C and they’ll be systematically killed off in PvP. It’s a poor decision and I don’t support it. T4 spawn rates in the volcano are quite high right now anyway, I filled a wheel in about the same time it took Vathis to respawn. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and Vathis being a thrall grandfathered isn’t broken.


I came to think that this might be a good break.
I decided to leave this land with my Vathis.
Thank you for enjoying it enough.


You miserunderstood me.

Obviously for Funcom it was never intended as a fighting npc but as speaking npc. Ok. But none of us noticed before that update !

None of us had the feeling of something missing because it’s a journey step to kill what it’s in the volcano.

None of us ever had the need of another boring speaking npc telling us something we figured out for months: oh there is this boss, speaking EVERY time when you’re in the dungeon, it’s normal there is someone adoring him as a god.

All the lines Vathis now is speaking is something we already knew.

So none of us ever supposed to be a bug it was only a fighting chief of the devotes.

But it’s not the point.

No, they wasn’t. That’s the point. They already tryed to wipe him out as far I understand what @Ignasis said and they failed !

I follow tweets by @conanexiles, they said nothing, I follow the forum and without you and this topic I never noticed this revolution !

And I noticed only today it was about Vathis too because I was just supposing it was about the NEW unintended npcs bugged !

If the update will be released soon 90% of old players will lost their valuables without a word by Funcom !

If it will be released today, being me not at my home, I will be one the ones who’ll lose 40 epic flawless armors, 40 legendary weapons without a f**** word by Funcom.

Give me just one reason not to be upset because I’m seriously thinking of kick from the clans all of my mates, finish the game and never play it again !

Well since official release it was intended… they suddenly decided it was not and stopped him being able to be killed and captured a loong time after official release… I come from a game with many similar issues (wot) where they selled things they should not and then announced they will not cause they r indeed broken… and yet they selled it again… no need to say that their NA servers r almost dead, or that US ones follow a close destiny… now put this situation in a company with way less recognition and playerbase, and tell me what happens if they start removing what we obtained when we could… so what insurance do I get that after another year they will not decide that a dlc was not intended or a recipe I obtained was not intended… and I do not say about something that came out 2 days ago and they fixed it… this is adressed as a mistake, and we all do and I find it really good that they saw and changed it so fast… but what was and was not intended sound more like a stupid excuse in my eyes after half a year in game… and exactly because I have re-lived the situation, it is the critical point where trust issues begin… if they want to adress it correctly, they should exchange all my Vathis, with an equal powered thrall that is in game and keep the equipment or anything else ANY Vathis has in his inventory… that is how things should be… an announcement should be made that says:we decided to take out Vathis, but since u captured an x amount of named volcano thralls we will replace em with the exact x amount of the equal tier named volcano thrall (I.e. Spinas or Daicas)… that as solution should be acceptable in my eyes…


Well you all have this platform to express your points of view on the issue and possibly change their minds. I personally don’t mind this change and encourage it, but I understand how it can be upsetting. I’d hate to see people leeave over this, but everyone should go where the fun is.


Funcom makes decision based on balance. This is no different than when the totally nerfed oil to blood for Derketo. I liked the ease of zeal it gave me. It made zeal harvesting zeal so much easier. But when they decided it, i just dealt with it. I believe if you really like the core and mechanics of the game, it will sting a little, but you will continue to play. Those that leave because of this really were just playing collector of thralls and don’t enjoy enough of the other mechanics. And it is only happening on officials, so private and SP are not effected. This is no different than server owners choosing settings. Funcom has decided it is unbalanced for officials. We will see if there is major fall back or not.

Thanks. This helps a lot. Now to fly around and collect those emmissaries i don’t want on my server until earned thru events:)

I think the hype is a bit much. No one keeps their first exotic weapon when an updated weapon hits. Ok, so right now best in slot is this weapon and armor and I lost it.

We all can see the reasoning here.

And we understand the time investment made, and a financial investment.

People have proposed a solution, what happens next is well, out of our hands.

Every game has Ninja nerfs alongside patch notes, but there is not going to be some exodus, and claiming players will leave and this game and will die… thats not going to happen.

Anyone that leaves, will return wuth a new dungeon and forgive what transpired, we see a post every week about returning players.

Topic is about as dead as the mounts conversation. Both sides of the aisle have said their peace, let’s look to more promising adventures here…

That will be nerfed as well. (Sorry, too soon):metal:

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Yeah, that is a bit extreme. I know plenty of players on official PVP that don’t have alot of Vathis anyways. They tend to die in wars.

If you’d like to yell at someone, yell at me. @zerog did not deserve that. After a few minutes of searching I have discovered zerog has a lot of Vathis to lose, so you’re both kind of in the same boat. Just taking it completely differently.

For the record I have a number of friends who had/have Vathis, one in particular who talked to me a couple months ago about Vathis likely being removed from the game. I think the feeling was at the time that since he’s a talkie, he shouldn’t be a conkie. On Jan 29 Mikey posted about how we lost the ability to enthrall Vathis “two patches ago.”


I personally have 1 vathis placed, and one in a chest, just for collection reasons… idc, about thralls (as I play pve mostly)… but I do not like this I decide and act in a sandbox game… I have seen it and trust me it does not work with playerbase. And now it affects the ones that have vathis (or any named they later on decide to remove)… but there will be a point when they will change something that was “not intended”, that tha majority of playerbase will disagree…

That’s certainly a possibility, I for one won’t mind so long as they give us ample warning.

The main reason I support this decision is my recent experiences capturing bandit leaders. For the first time in months, I’ve died because I get surrounded by their leaders or pushed into a corner and mauled to death. Knocking them out takes a good amount of time even with Lovetap. This is the exact opposite experience I had with Vathis, and I feel that this is the correct approach to powerful named thralls.

Maybe this is a slippery slope but it’s one I was willingly taking advantage of, and I think the majority of players won’t be too hurt by this. I do however strongly agree that there should be an in game warning, because people may still have good gear on these thralls. I also wouldn’t be opposed to dropping Vathis HP to 100 so people dont risk losing that gear right away, but its probably better to just purge them all together.

Trust me the old playerbase that only returns for a new dungeon is not the playerbase that keeps a game alive… the ones that constantly play r the ones that make a game great. The active community, not the ones that only come for a week every couple patches just play a dungeon, get 4-5 recipes and then just run around the map to sustain builds…
Each will make a decision upon ANY decision, but when u hear some whine from different platforms about the same thing, u should be more concerned IF they r right or not… why noone complained about the ones IN the dungeons? The ones that TRULY were not intended?
I will tell u the reason. Cause playerbase is not stupid… they know… they undestand. Never underestimate that…