Friends the best DT Anacarolina

I’m looking for my old friends, that still playing

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He he he, that was a good one!!!

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I’m sure they are all in raid finder.

i look for friends

It might take a long time

didn’t notice you were gone

Friends is a hard word to define in a game where anonymous players control multiple characters.

That said, I remember you.

That is very true about player alts-but it is goes to the character of the person behind the name.

My guild, my friends here know and tell each out alts if we roll one - if one has toons outside the guild (I have one that controls a separate guild which is known) then so be it. Friends don’t judge friends if they have a side project or two. even if we try out another guild with an alt to meet people, my friends really don’t care.

I have sometimes tell global that I am on a alt, even though I know most don’t care who I am alt or not. (Even though I’ve played for many years I think I am not well known as I mostly talk to friends in guild or groups which for me is fine)

if I dont, it is only because it’s a toon I play when I know my guildies are not online and I play quietly in the background of all the drama which I try to avoid for the most part anyway. I have enough drama irl, I don’t need it in my game time.

Mostly, if someone does hide behind alts to toll it speaks to their personal character and really is someone that is severely lacking something in their social life.

Yes I know many people do use alts for nefarious reasons and it is sad and detrimental to the game overall.

So yes, I believe I have friends in game, online friends half a world or country away but still. It sucks we all can’t go for coffee or a drink face to face, but that’s the nature of the beast.


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