Frisbee Anyone?


the map rooms always get u

The video does not work for me, perhaps explain with text as well.

It is something that must be seen to truly enjoy. However I will explain. Their is a new shield that is not a shield but a throwing weapon. “Unwelcome gift” I think it’s called. Some players and I where throwing it at each other like it was a Frisbee. I have built an Ultimate Frisbee field on the server I’m on and we will be streaming the game soon I hope.

Also in the second clip it hit a map room and someone tped to the volcano trying to puck it up. :rofl:

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It’s a fun item. I was playing around with it in SP the other day, and hit a thrall. While I can’t be sure (didn’t have time to verify), I think the daft ■■■■■■ managed to pick it up and use it, which HAS to be the closest any thrall in the history of CE has come to performing an autonomous, intelligent action.

Edit: Use it as a shield. Not as a throwing weapon.


Thy actually handle throwing weapons really well. For laughs I filled a named barrer thrall with as many serpent man throwing axes as I could and took him out for a walk. He took out a wolf without being hit, killed a few boars, and made it about half way threw “New Asgarth” (Before the recent change to it). It was fun. Totally not viable for long term but still fun.

first video:
second video:

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