From 6 July 2023, Some of the Booster Events are not working?

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official *or all
Server Type: PVE *or all
Map: Exiled Lands *or all
Server Name: 4064 *or all

Bug Description:

Booster Event for Age of War Launch Issue: July 6 - July 20

Of these, the bottom two are not working. At least in the PS version.
・Challenge XP multiplier boosted by x5
・Challenge daily reset increased to 20

Bug Reproduction:

Take the challenge now. Also, check the challenge count reset.

*July 6, 2023 at 21:00 Japan time, the moment the number of challenges is reset. (archived 25 seconds)

@community, Please confirm.

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Greetings @Treeyou_anyone ,

Thank you for sharing this!

After verifying your report it seems that the boosters are now active.

Can you confirm if the two boosters (Challenge XP multiplier boosted by x5, Challenge daily reset increased to 20) are currently working?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply.

Challenge reset is coming in 2 hours. I will check at that time.

I just checked.

・Challenge daily reset increased to 20
: We have confirmed that this applies at 21:00 on July 7, Japan time.

・Challenge XP multiplier boosted by x5
: This is a little tricky.
It was not applied at 21:00 on July 7, Japan time.
But after doing multiple [x10] missions, a [x50] mission came up.

↓moment of renewal(1:00)

That’s why my challenge is a mixture of [x10] and [x50].

As a user, I cannot guess the cause of this situation.
This is the report.

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Hi @ZahMaiatt I play on PlayStation 4 model CUH-1004 on official european PVE server #3033 [Exiled Lands map] and challenge multiplayers are 10x. They supposed to be x50 during this 2 week event right? I realised that aftrr KiahOnFire posted video yesterday

It’s 18:22 CEST 8th July, official #3033 server should be after restart now and I just checked again multiplayers are still x10

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