From Early Access to Launch

I’ve played off and on since Day 1 of Early Access and I really want to commend Funcom for the state of the game as it is today.

I played a lot in the first few months and constantly tried to tell people to be patient on reddit etc, that the game would be completely different at launch as to almost be unrecognizable.

And here we are, the feeling in difference between the two is such that the game currently feels like a completely remade sequel to the EA version. And all that in barely over a year.

I took a long break before the combat overhaul and am just now getting time to get back into it and it’s really amazing. The weather systems, the combat systems, the building systems, the stat system, the attention to detail on look and feel of the terrain, trees, animals, ambient sounds, everything is just leagues better.

Funcom did a fantastic job of bringing this game together, thanks.

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