Frontier stair banisters are not solid

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvE

So I’'m not sure if this is a new issue or not. I’ve recently started using the frontier stairs with the banisters however when traveling up them on horseback yesterday my horse was moving through them. So I tested on foot tonight after my horse fell through them and I can move through the side rails without issue. Not sure they are meant to be this way.

As I know all banisters at the stairs are without collision detection.

The banisters on stairs, regardless of type, are visual only and have no collision. They will not stop you from walking through them or off of the stairs. They are not like real world railings. It does not matter if they are T2, T3 or DLC sets.

OK thanks, I was sure the Yamatai ones I had used before had solid sides. Pretty pointless using them to stop lagging off staircases then, knew I should have just built walls… :smirk:

Everytime I see somebody walk through them on a stream, my eye twitches. I have a thing for collisions being accurate (pet peave as it were).

It’s a minor issue, but yup.


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