Froob, Cut Red Tape

Froobs now have lost a stat buff nano. Yes only 3/3 points, but with how little of anything froob buffs Psychic. Some kind of compensation for that loss ?

  • Neural Stimulator can now be used by Meta-Physicists and Bureaucrats and has gotten the 3 intelligence and psychic stats that used to be on improved cut red tape.

Compensation? Hm. Okay!

Some examples that spring to mind:
Skull of the ancient is available once again inside the temple.
Miy cloaks are actually dropping from cyborgs.

But these are no buffs you might say.
Very well, get the gauntlet buff or buy a nano can for Neuronal Stimulator. Those are useable by froobs, although someone has to buy one for you.

Compared to let’s say ten years ago, power creep even among froobs is very much noticeable.
Funcom could have made lots of the newer items and/or buffs require ridiculous high skills or outright require SL/AI/LE.
However, they made a decent effort to keep us untertained, which I appreciate.

Therefore, I suggest we do not mourn what was lost, but celebrate what we got.

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