Froob on Rubi-Ka 2019

You are of course right about FC wanting to make money with the new server. They are incapable of fixing the exploits, or do not want to invest money in developers to do so, so they go for a cheaper and easier route which is no froobs.

Some companies use a system where they ask user for a credit card, make a small authorization fee to verify it, and then cancel the fee. Nothing is charged and credit card (identity of the person) is verified. I don’t see why FC couldn’t use the same system for froob accounts. But I think they also don’t want froobs there because they don’t use cash shop enough, and to force players to make a subscription account instead of playing froobs - they get more money that way. Another bonus about no froobs is less workload for customer support.

It may sound negative but it’s really about minimizing costs and maximizing profit. Many game studios are shifting their focus to maximum monetization and FC isn’t immune to it.

It would require a bit of work from Funcom, but I would personally like to see bank space shared for all characters on an account.

Problem solved.

Edit: in fact, Funcom could actually make money selling bank space expansions, much as they’ve done in ESO.


there is no for you way to prove or know that froobs are the ones exploiting and duping. In fact, most of the cheaters I have seen in the live game use exploits on paid characters. (probably from grace)

“risk losing a paid account”

you can just create another paid account, these players already don’t mind paying 6 separate sub fees

Could we please have a source for your numbers?
I think if every player which is in SL/AI/Xan Area would have to sit in ICC/OA/Borealis, it would be more packed on RK5 over there than on RK2019.

Just my 5ct.

@hungrygamer I’m not “accusing” froobs of being the ones using exploits. I’m saying anyone(paying customers included) can make as many throwaway accounts as they want to test and use exploits. With no risk to their actual accounts or characters.

@Roshanna Selling bank space and having banks shared among accounts is an absolutely amazing idea. I’d happily buy that. And a shared org bank would be amazing as well.

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Shared alt bank space has existed for as long as I can remember on EQ2, as well as shared org/guild space for whatever they choose to share (quantities in the hundreds-thousands). Guild shared space (in the thousands-hundreds of thousands quantities) includes special, dedicated shared crafting resources, shared spell books (nanos), and at least two other types of items that don’t have a corollary in AO.

Edited note: come to think of it, Funcom’s own The Secret World/Legends provides space for guild sharing of items, although really primitive and clunky compared to EQ2. But I’m cancelling my EQ2 account, and will likely be reactivating another AO account, because of the fact that EQ2 now makes it difficult to be effective in a max level group. I have the resources to do so, but won’t play a game that is not fun, and the process required is not fun.

Learned that lesson in the first EQ - never, ever again play a game that is not fun.

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While typing this, my AO character was active in game. My level 20 fixer, born today (and so has sucky skills to my old eyes- no implants yet, because it makes much more sense to buy useful Composite skills), was outside of the mission she just completed. Another player came by, so I cast my baby fixer’s long HoT and run buff on her.

She thanked me, then cast a bunch of buffs on me too.

THAT is what brings me back to this game above all others, although the original EQ allowed that too, but is very tedious to solo, and EQ2 does not enable at all, except while grouped. And that behavior pretty much does not exist on the old AO server anymore, either. I’m guessing that’s because it’s assumed you don’t need.

But the fact that it does on the new server is fun.


No froobs!! Paid accounts only will make it much more likely we won’t be infiltrated by credit selling … if they sell credits they lose a paid subscription. The “cleaner” this server stays, the bigger chance people will stick around.


I already said how that is a non-issue using my suggestion. Please read the whole thread.

Only thing affected by not allowing froobs, is the amount of advertisement you see in game from the cred sellers. It wont affect one bit for the actual selling of credits, and yes, that’s already happening.

On the other hand, allowing froobs on the new server will decrease FC’s profit by a lot at least until they start releasing expansions, so i doubt that will happen.

I’m a big proponent of paying for games, because it encourages development of the games I want to play.

I get the microtransaction philosophy.

I don’t buy it, literally. I actively avoid free games, funded solely by microtransactions.

While I have taken advantage of froob accounts in AO, and sympathize for the need to do so, for the reasons you mentioned which are easily solved by shared bank space, which EQ2 has (which I just cancelled my subscription in favor of AO, but I bounce between the two frequently, so if you’ve never played EQ2, I encourage you to do so), these games need money to survive.

So I say No to froobs in RK2019. They can still play on the old server, and play all the content we are on RK2019.

Pay subscription fees to keep AO alive if you want it to survive. Support their microtransaction efforts if reasonable, but avoid them if not.

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Again, I am not asking for people who do not pay for an account to have access to this server. I am asking for people with paid accounts, who are paying customers, to have the ability to create froob accounts UNDERNEATH their paid account and use these characters as bank characters, etc with No ability to use them as actual playable characters on the server. Any more questions anyone?

It will still reduce the amount of subs.

I’ll use myself as an example: I have 3 paid accounts atm. If my linked froob accounts were able to play on RK2019 i would instantly drop 2 accounts and continue with 1 paid + 5 froob since the whole game on that server is froob content at the moment anyway, and even when the SL and other expansions finally launch, the froob box would still be rather useful to farm rk dynas etc.

So i guess i do support your idea, but i also think it will reduce revenue from FC.

No, because as I said, simply limit the froob characters to level 1,or unable to equip anything, or any other restriction they want to use to prevent that

well maybe in that case yeah, but i don’t see the point. You can already do a bot toon on paid account and still play on the same account. And Playing AO without a second account has been nearly impossible for the last 10 years (at least for me) so trading stuff aren’t that much of a problem.

I guess what you should be asking is an account bank system.

Maybe limited lvl 1 froob account could be easier to do that, maybe not…

Because 1) I don’t want to put bot characters on my paid account. I shouldn’t have a character slot taken up by a character that I never will play, but has to exist because this game doesn’t have basic online functionality for their orgs. 2) I don’t want to have a second paid account to do item transfers due to FC not having basic shared bank capabilities. I have one account and have had one account for a large majority of my time in AO, without a problem. But it’s not always great to have to inconvenience someone to transfer stuff for you when you have items all over the place.

I already addressed the account bank system. It would be great, but would require (probably) significant dev time and effort to work properly. This is very simple to implement. We already have level locks possible, as clearly shown by this server. We could apply that to all accounts that don’t have a paying sub somewhere on their FC account.

This is incredibly easy to implement compared to an account bank system, it has no visible downsides to either funcom or players, outside of maybe losing a couple subs to people that have two accounts JUST for these purposes. And to most people, it’s not only a benefit, it’s great for customer relations. People would appreciate us having the ability to keep bots off our main accounts and having a bank toon so we could stay organized.

Can mail items to alts or bank character? Or that program that tracks all your items… I think it’s aoitems… not sure but u can check it out. Least maybe it’s something until a shared bank gets implemented in 2047

I hear you and it’s a good idea. It will just never get implemented with a skeleton crew. Keep thinking outside the box.

AO Item Assistant… pretty nice tool :slight_smile:

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