Froob Shadowland

As someone who currently pays for SLoob accounts then I say no, get lost giving it to people for free.

But, yeah bring back the SLoob accounts, they are a great thing.

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Don’t understand why? You would get it for free as well and there would most probably be a lot more ppl to play with.

I kind of understand ppl who are against it because they think that FC would lose some revenue leading to even more stagnation in development or eventually leading to the death of AO (even though I don’t share this opinion). I don’t however understand why some ppl are against this idea for some other reason, because it’d be beneficial for everyone I think (as long as it works financially for FC, but I believe it would).

I don’t believe that anyone paying for a “Sloob” account can go to “free”. In order for that customer to have access to those characters, they will have to continue to pay.

Not now for sure. What I meant however is that if an access to SL were granted to froobs it’d make sense to make those “SL only” accounts free as well.

There is a sloob upgrade offer $60 and the sloob acount gets all expansions and 1 year subscription.
I took the deal the other day.

I havent played in almost 10 years now im playing my upgraded sloob account and have 1 year playtime.

Its frustratung when people in my team complain or point out that i dont have CC armor and weapons that cost 1bill credits. Seems like most people i see at my level 80-120 and beyond have insanely better gear than me and it can be worrysome.

Im pretty much a new player again but i have some knowledge of the game…that is pretty much my only resource and it was frustrating at first but im taking it slow since i have a year to hopefully get somewhere in this game.

Im not even sure anymore if SL being free would help the population long term…there seems to have been a lot of QOL changes for nanos and durations but as a new player in sl im feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

Anarchy online seems to require a lot of time and dedication, more so than a lot of other games…if people dont enjoy froob im not sure putting even more on thier plate will help.


Looking at current state of game, add-ons, boosts to characters, and how game is played and what it lacks off, I would NOT make Shadowlands for fr0bs.


  • SL is offering max lvl to 220. Game and old playerbase tend to avoid SL content leveling wise and SL has not much to offer except of series of quests (solo play) and OST certain mobs. This is noting I would recommend to incoming playerbase if SL would be free.
  • SL has to offer pretty much WEAK content gear wise - Armor and Weaponry. There are few gems, but they are hard to get (grinding).
  • There are TONS of items that require only lvl 201+, which would make fr00bs at par with Paid accounts.

If I would be decision maker, I would go with free Lost Eden.

  • All froobs are still capped at 200
  • Fr00bs get Research - player spend more time in game enriching their character by doing content whatever they like: missions, quests, battlestation (more variety of gaining experience).
  • Better gear and access to procs
  • More active Battle stations
  • Better geared characters can do more content, empathizing teaming.
  • Access to Mechs at Tower wars (boost to NW)
  • LE gear would bring fr00bs closer in PvP to paid character. Maybe at one point they would not be cannonfooders to paids and would be active in Battlestations/Miners area and at Tower wars.
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How about froobs having access to pretty much everything except paid customers have an XP gaining / whateveryoucanthinkof advantage?

I mean having Froobs motivated and bringing in new players is also great for current paid players and the game in general.

This game has so much potential to be huge still… just don’t think the marketing team is doing a great job… wait… is there a marketing team? lol

Giving froobs access to LE doesn’t do much in terms of them keeping up with others in PvP though. At lower levels sure, but 100+ the perks will do the difference.

Giving them SL would increase activity for levling full paid characters as well, it’s really hard to find a team to level with in SL from 10-200, overall you could spend hours on LFT before anyone picks you up. LFT could also be so empty that you can’t make your own team.

And even with full access to all SL items, they still dont have alien perks or research, they also cant use xan items. So in terms of power they are brought closer with symbiants and other goodies. But since they dont have AI, LE and LoX they still can’t do everything the game has to offer.

Give froobs SL. Bring some levling life back!

I just upgrade an old sloob account because the 19th anniversary offer was looking good to me. I haven’t played paid much since like 2010-2012… 2010-2016 I think i tried resubbing my account a month 2-3 times a year but never stuck around the whole month, partly because of population issues but things seem 10x worse and I often feel like I am playing on the old test server again in SL And now i have a 1 year subscription that makes me want to stick around to get my monies worth, even though I am having a hard time .

I find that lvl 100-140 I can’t get teams in sl (I do but it’s rare… and its not like its much easier pre-level 100 but occasionally there will be a few people down for ely tiigs or nascene Hecklers.

Anyway I find myself having to do froob/RK content like foremans and mort borgs to get my characters to lvl 130. i think my highest character is lvl 133 now from grinding mort borgs for endless hours (this Zenith armor kind of helps boost xp instead of 40-50k from borgs i get 80-110k).

So this is really depressing… Nascene and Ely are dead and Rk/Froobs are more active at those level ranges.

I think that completing daily missions (elite, BS and the reck) is probably the most efficient way to lvl, especially if you have a hard time finding a team. I lvled 3 new froob toons this way, up to 170 (one to 200) during the first wave of covid. No borgs were harmed during that process.

When you say "the most efficient way " do you mean the most annoying and upsetting way… because if that is what you mean then I totally agree. (I hate doing dailies for 5 characters everyday so I end up only doing them on 1 or 2 characters if I even can)

After level 100 the daily rewards don’t give 100% of a level and by lvl 130 I was noticing it .

Also doing daily elites missions solo are impossible for me.

The same with most of the Reck missions… only 2 of them

Then there are doja chips… the Ely ones are easy to get but I spent 4 hours in scheol one time trying to get a doja chip and it can really be hit or miss there… some days i’d get it in 30 minutes others an hour.

Skulky - join org (Crimsons Assasins) - as we do all content, leveling too on all ranges (we do it a lot) you should have less trouble getting XP! :slight_smile:

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No, it’s (one of) the most efficient ways to lvl (not considering afk/paid methods), not the most enjoyable :slight_smile: Especially at TL4.
Wtih that said I’d much rather do dailies than to grind RK missions all day long (and I’ve had my fair share of that). And Ely hecks (or borgs) used to be even more grindy, until the kite hill had become the standard and nobody would team up for Ely hecks anymore.
I mean lvling in AO has always been a tedious process, but before daily missions became a thing it was even worse - if you couldn’t find a team (a common issue at TL4) and only had one account, you were pretty much stuck. Dailies at least provide you with a fairly decent way to progress towards higher (and more populated) lvls. :slight_smile:
But as for the elite and The Reck dailies, I think it’s possible to find a team for them, depending on your timezone ofc.

idea: make the entire game free for a single account, but require a monthly fee for multiboxing.

we get our playerbase, funcom keeps their whales. win win

To prevent the game from dying - allowing froobs to access everything in game will be an unavoidable step. This is what eventually happens with any paid-only MMO - this is what EVE Online did, this is what Star Trek Online did, as people who pay to play don’t want to play with a computer, everyone wants to play with other real people. AO income model will simply need to change to mimic what other similar MMOs have done - have subscription that lets players level/earn credits faster, but I’m sure the overall income from the game will increase because there will be a lot, a lot more players.

This would be a huge expansion for paids, giving them new toys - froobs :slight_smile:

To be honest I hope that never happens. It’s the reason I stopped to playing Star Trek Online. (I have a lifetime account there). I don’t think it would be fun to do a beast raid and all the loot you get is loot boxes that you have to pay real money to open for the 0,0000001% chance that you get a burden when you are already playing a payed account.

From at least level 90 I’d have been in Scheol (I don’t do hecks), the xp from the mobs is fine and you’ve got some great quest lines that will give you a level per stage. Great alongside doing dailies, plus the Scheol Sanc key is a key item every toon should have. No you won’t get teams in Scheol, but as the quests progress nicely you don’t need them, but in fairness you wouldn’t often get teams in Scheol 17 years ago because every man and his bot is still doing Ely Hecks.

Shadowlands was the biggest AO expansion …
I thought you can play SL for $5 per month …

Honestly, with the nowadays population, I think if this would happen … we might see an uprise of froobs rolling toons and grinding, raiding SL … hell of a fun to me (all the “new” builds, armor, pande ncus, symbs, weapons, omg…).

I believe it would be hell of a fun to play only SL equips.
On the other hand I would also cancel my subsription on my paid accounts.
Considering I could play the game for free with enough options and possible community rise to pvp with.

And here we are 2 years later. Keeping those pesky froobs out of SL sure saved the game, didn’t it? :joy: