Frost Giants half life

When i run with Frost Giant thrall following me in the river area and climbing up and down he is half life when he showing up after 30 seconds or so, dunno why, it has happened several times. Maybe he is falling and take damage when not walking on flat surface in a straight line?

Could you be more accurate? Where and what exactly are you doing? Are you walking, running, climbing, going down a rock, running in and out of the river…?

No, i tested the frost-giants, and these big guys are doing fine.
They’re big, and so also bit slower.

You shouldn’t run, climb and jump with followers behind you anyway to much.
But i did a full run with the guy behind me, and he hadn’t lost any life at the end.

Don’t forget, you’re the leader, you have to care for your crew, be carefull ! :wink:

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