Frozen account after one day after the payment was accepted

I payed for my account yesterday with paypal, the payment was accepted as can be seen in the payment history page and also on paypal account and everything was fine until five minutes ago, when I tried to log again to my account. To my surprise I’ve got the Error - Not Paid message after few minutes before this everything worked.

I opened a ticket through email service, but I read that many people havie serious problems with Funcom’s Customer Support and I’d like to know if I should to contact PayPal too, in order to cancel the payment.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Yeah, Funcom sent me an email saying that the account was frozen probably due to a payment failure, which is not the case. In payment history clearly is stated that the payment was approved, and also the payment was delivered from the PayPal account.

I’ve already contacted PayPal, probably best course of action, don’t have time nor patience for Funcom’s failures.

I would still recommend working with funcom customer support, even though it typically takes a few weeks to get your issue resolved. Undoing the payment via paypal will force funcom to ban your account.

I appreciate your answer and thank you. I don’t think I can wait weeks for an answer from them, that’s just ridiculous. Who they think they are, they’re messing with their customers money and don’t even bother to address the issues, like we are some nothing, neglectable entities that owe them and that are not worth their attention.