Frozen Account Sinze 03/08

Cannot log into my account. THIS SUCKS. It already extracted the money out of my account. I don’t want to make my bank reverse the charge I just want it fixed… I don’t see how this is taking so long :frowning:

I got a similar issue - I had a already active account, and purchased the “special offer” package from the new account portal, where the payment failed somehow. After the failed payment, my account somehow got frozen. I figured that the old account portal was still working, and attempted to add my billing details again. This just activated all my previously failed payments, so I’ve been charged 4 times and suddenly reactivated accounts i didn’t want reactivated.

Now my other account says “Open playable” and membership is valid to “2019-03-01”. My second is payed by induvidual months to may and i never got my “special offer” :stuck_out_tongue:

meh :man_shrugging:

Same here.