Frozen account , subbed for a year help

Frozen account , new sub, no customer support yet- unfreeze my account please- I just paid for a year -

CobraROG, Please let me know on this post, when this gets resolved and I will keep you up to date on my situation as well. I subbed for a month and waiting to have my account unfrozen.

I recommend that you include “@andyb” in your requests because it means that one person at FC is getting flagged on this.

Best of luck,

Me to…I bought premium!, but have only ftp?. I have account frozen, even tho its approved…I used, at first, but it failed… but its Approved at, Funcom - Account Management, so why is my accont frozen?

There is a way you can fix it yourself as long as it isnt frozen from being charged twice.

i sure will dolsenberg, thank you.

i sent rascally @andyb a message days ago and have been just a waitin’ to hear from him. or a reply to my customer support ticket . After reading through a lot of our board it looks like its a 3 week wait time for reply from customer support >

Dudes - @andyb and @customersupport I’m starting to get a little miffed . Messages , calls not responded to. I’ve called the office in Oslo, I have left messages in customer supports inbox … this can most certainly not be this hard to respond to a customer that has dropped a hundo… #1164072

Hi there; we do not have a customer support phone line. Not sure who you left a message with or what number you even called. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will follow up when I can. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you . I called the international number for Funcom Oslo, Norway.

I see. Due to COVID the vast majority of the company is working from home, so there will likely not be many (or any) people at our respective offices at this time. And again, we do not have a Customer Support hotline - we only offer email support and in-game petition support. I’ll flick a reply to your email.

Thank you times a million- just as I was losing faith you hit a home run , grand slam. I appreciate you @andyb and everyone who has offered me kindness and support. Patience is Virtue :slight_smile:

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Happy to hear it and happy to help. Cheers :slight_smile:

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Issue resolved.