Fruitbowl Gaming - Conan Exiles RP Server (PC- Large Community 370+)

Heavy RP server - as well as a vast OOC community. (PC Server) (370 members)

steamcommunity(dot com)/groups/fruitbowlgamers
facebook(Dot com)/fruitbowlgaming


I can’t post links in this thread, if you have questions - ask in comments and I’ll redirect you!
remember h t t p s : / / for discord address

What requeriments are needed to join your server?

None! just type in fruitbowl and join our discord when possible!

The community is growing rapidly with 370 members on our steam community! Come join us!

Nearing the 400 player mark! Join our RP Survival server, and discord! We also host a number of other games such as Reign of Kings and Minecraft, as well as play sidebars such as Left for Dead 2 and Arma III