Frustrated with 2.1 patch

Well i prefer decent quality over “on time” , but each to his own device

Yes and no. I expected a bunch of things in the game to be weird or even broken. I expected a few things nobody discovered to jump out and kick me in the 'nads, like the armor repair thing. I expected the sledgehammer.

But I didn’t expect to be unable to play. This thing with freezes and crashes and authentication failures and whatnot seems to be happening more often lately than it used to.

And as someone who works in software development, I know it’s likely to happen when you start ripping chunks of code that are buried deep (like when they introduced Funcom Live Services), but I also know that you’re supposed to test the shіt out those changes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s neither here nor there. Yeah, the fish traps were just free resources and would get you to the point where you could stockpile oil and ichor infinitely. So that needed fixing. And queen bees aren’t rare the same way the Final Breath of the Red Mother is rare, but they’re onerous to get given the new mechanics of armor repair.

I’m not logged in right now, so I have to pull this from my memory, but if I’m not mistaken, one perfected heavy padding requires 31 hardened leather. Each piece of epic heavy armor you repair requires one padding, so if you want to repair a full set, it’s 155 hardened leather, and that’s 775 oil. In the improved fishing traps, the queen bee will give you 90% chance of exotic fish and 10% chance of rare fish. That means that you’ll need 862 queen bees “on average” (using a naive, oversimplified approach to probability and statistics) to repair a set of armor.

My prediction is that repairing armor in the bench is going to go out of vogue and everyone’s gonna start using patch kits. It does breathe a new life into kits nobody ever used, like master armor patch kit, but it feels like a really weird way of making fringe items useful. :man_shrugging:

Holy crap, yeah, fish trap spam was awful on officials. I’m not kidding, it was causing bad blood between clans because everyone wanted to spam traps in the few places where they could.

On the other hand, that was a perfectly avoidable situation, too. When the dev teams made it impossible to place fishing traps in a large well, it wasn’t hard to foresee that people would flock to the rivers and lakes to do so. But when they made it buggy and impossible to place them in perfectly reasonable spots where they’re submerged in the water, that made it orders of magnitude worse.

I know that bit of wisdom and I always play on patch day. I don’t come here to complain about it, because I usually can play on patch day and I have set my expectations to “chaos and mayhem”, so I’m busy playing. This thread is the product of being unable to play, because someone at Funcom has been extremely irresponsible.

Either this freezing-and-crashing thing was old enough to have been detected earlier but they didn’t test it enough, or it was a last-second change that someone pushed through without testing, so nobody had a chance to detect it. I’m betting on the latter, because game development industry has this gung ho mentality where it’s perfectly fine to cram in bits of code a few seconds before you deploy it.

It freezes often. And for other people it crashes. There’s a bunch of threads about it and Funcom acknowledged it and said they were working onit.

Isle of Siptah is Early Access. Exiled Lands and the common code isn’t. And even if they wanted to put the whole game back into Early Access, I don’t think any respectable publishing platform – Steam, GOG, Epic, pick your poison – would let them. And frankly, that would be enough to send even someone like me, someone who has been accused of “white knighting” this game, packing.

Almost everything I wrote about in my post affects the whole game. The only Siptah-specific detail was the annoying hum.


What irks the crap out of me is that many of these things have been reported by people who were passionate enough to download and use TestLive. Ichor not being produced? Reported. Constant hum? Reported. And yet, someone signed off on pushing this patch to live.

add to this that they did it after a mere week on TestLive, if I’m not wrong. I could understand rushing an update after it’s been a lot of time in testing, you fixed bugs and want to move on but this huge update has been tested for just a mere week and pretty much none of the bugs was fixed. There is only one possible conclusion, bar idiocy which I tend to always exclude unlike the majority of internauts: they put this update on TestLive just to check it wouldn’t crash servers with any sort of player interaction. It didn’t? All good for live servers, we’ll fix the bug eventually… or never, like many others.

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the update 2.1 we are discussing has nothing to do with Siptah. I don’t know why you are mixing them up. Maybe you simply can’t understand it.

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As happy as I am with the direction they went, I must concur - and a few more days of fixing things internally before pushing the patch probably could’ve saved them the negative feedback.


I don’t remember any patch that sat on TestLive for more than two weeks. One week is pretty normal for them.

What gave me false hope was that there seemed to be more people playing on TestLive and reporting bugs.

yeah well this wasn’t just any patch. It’s a freaking update that introduces many changes to certain mechanics. Worth following a different testing schedule from the regular patches that normally change some details or deactivate a feature that’s not working as a “fix”.


learn from the patch… adapt… return to the state where u was fighting with no legendary weapons aor epic armours! change ur builds(character builds) , and ur weaponry / companions and adjust! find alternatives!!! i am also annoyed , but as it was mentioned above there will be a hot fix soon enough
!!! so up to then adapt … try new things … learn and make sure u have the stock to endure next epic failure that a patch will bring( believe me will be really fun when u manage it)… or hit a week by week brake till game gets fixed!!! :smiley:

I died 4 times in a row, in my base from nothing.
Lost the set of armor I made over 2 years ago. Along with lengy helmet, weps and tools.
I was blown to the desk top twice.
Stole her spare armor, dug in the lengy boxes, and back flirtin’ with disaster we go.

Hmm Seems that the 2.1 patch needed some more testing. Not quite sure why but everytime I went thralling on isle of siptah the game would lock up. Havn’t booted the game since the small patch earlier today so that might have been fixed already but I would like to be able to knock out thralls without the game locking up and me being killed cause I couldn’t do anything.
Side note: I do like the changes made to the benches but it is gonna requier me to redo how I make base’s

I can only wonder if 10Cent is the problem, pushing the developers to release updates/game changes as well as Isle of Siptah long before they are ready…?

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No, it’s not. They’ve been doing this way before they got bought by Tencent. It’s a severely dysfunctional QA process.


Sure let’s add to this.

The patch is great.

Hard Worker should have been moved…

But won’t not is literally useless and whoever thought it was OK should be fired.
It should be replaced by a perk that just makes thirst go down slower.

No one who knows what they are doing carries a water skin.

The game has been too easy for far too long. We were literally cranking out flawless epic heavy armor for a hundred thralls like it was nothing. Just like a lot of clans on many servers. I suspect there will even be healthy benefits to the zerg problem on officials where big PvP clans just roam from server to server like locusts. They spend half a day getting to 60, another day or two cranking out weapons, armor, horses, and then they wipe the server. Rinse repeat. One thing I have noticed about this player type, they HATE farming and they HATE grinds.

I was playing with a PvP clan like this on Siptah, they ALL quit after 2 weeks. Why? They hated the grind and the time investment that Siptah required. Siptah is BAD for PvP zerg type players. Which is good for the game overall imho.

I say give these changes a chance. I suspect they are going to be healthy for the game overall.

they could for isntance make it as the religion temples, you cant build next to each other in 20 squares or 10… controlling somehow how many traps are set by players or clans. (same trick wtth the trhalls cap , that never went active)

my god, well, i remember the mother of all patches. … this one seems on par with that one.

so many things broken… i mean i get it , siptah is on early access, exiles is not,. they might had an excuse if this was only deployed on siptah, and later on at exiles lands. its a major disaster, at least the game is playable but the benches are all with problems (new ones) delving bench with armors is a mess, they let you keep your legacy armor but you cant repair it unless you use legendary armor/weapon repair kits. surges, well they seems to be even harder to get T4s than before, (i appreciate the challenge, but i think it needs to be tunned down a bit.) .

and i am not going into the nonesense of remoiving flawless and exceptional armor, the name convention should have stayed, so even if you cant build it , you can repair it using the right t4s.

even things like maelstrom light, offers 1 hour of torch, (despite description) the final breath of the red mother hold 167 hrs. so go figure. i dont know whats wrong with you funcom, but however pushed this patch should be held responsible, instead of moving forward we are going backwards…


What? QA? at funcom?

they dont have something like that. trust me, and i am starting to believe testlive is just a waste of time, people do not test, people goes there to check it out, and with good reason, you cant demand anything to anyone if they are not giving some kind of compensation to those investing time . they are relying on unpaid testers to help then find problems with the game, and even with reports of issues , they still pushed it to live. cant understand their though process, regaring this kind of stuff.


Funcom’s QA stands for “Questionable Actions”


Yes they do. Not everyone, sure, but TestLive is supposed to be the last check before going Live, it cannot (and should not) take the place of a regular QA procedure, or even a Beta program.


I agree. But I don’t agree with Funcom’s tendency to go from one extreme to another. There’s nothing that will convince me that requiring 775 oil to repair a full set of armor is in any way reasonable. Yes, I know that we can use armor patch kits instead, but it’s still unreasonable to make one option non-viable so that another can have a reason to exist.

I’ll be brutally honest here: I don’t care about PVP mode to such a degree that would make me feel it’s acceptable to potentially cripple all the other game modes in order to solve problems that are specific to PVP servers only.

Note that I said “potentially cripple”. It’s probably not a crippling change, thanks to the armor patch kits, but I’m still convinced it’s not a measured response. I’m using Alex’s own words when I talk about the “sledgehammer vs. scalpel” dichotomy.

Yeah, but it’s not just them. The universe of Conan Exiles players does not boil down to “PVP zergs” and “everyone else”.

I’m no stranger to farming. In Exiled Lands, when I wanted to build something fun and challenging and inspiring, I would often pull long farming sessions inside the volcano. I would methodically go through it and break rocks like a stereotypical prisoner from comic books. I would do that for more than an hour, just so that I could return to my base with more than 100k stone. I even had different routes planned out for getting stone.

But everyone has some limit to what constitutes a reasonable grind. Farming more than 862 queen bees, so that I can put them in the fish traps and then have to babysit those fish traps for hours because of decay, just so that I can craft or even repair a suit of armor? That’s ludicrous.

Something needs tweaking. Changing the game so the fish doesn’t decay inside traps would be a good start. Or at least, it would be the bare minimum to make this more reasonable.

Honestly, I’m starting to think that the dev team didn’t really run the numbers here. You don’t even need to play the game, just crunch some numbers in the calculator of your choice.