Fuel missing in furnaces and tanneries


Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe - official server

My improved Furnaces and tanneries are all empty for fuel when I log on…
The way I see it, there are one of 2 things happening.

  1. stuff just dissaprearing…
  2. they keep burning even after their produce is finnished.

All my produce, skins, ore or whatever, are fully prosessed, and no matter how much fuel I have in the stations, there are nothing left.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

When a game is great value for money..a positive story of my journey so far with CE

Having the thralls at the station, at one time, caused the station to continue burning fuel even when the process was done. I was thinking this was fixed, maybe it wasn’t and I am just fortunate.

Mine stop when the resources are consumed (converted.) However, if I wander too far away, the Improved furnace stops working. I have to restart it when I return. Making hardened bricks is a slow process, really slow if one must stand and watch it so the furnace doesn’t turn off.