Full 50 cheat, 60 attribute points!

Greetings, developers!

It was not enough for cheaters to put full 50 on all attribute points, now they can put 60. Ridiculous! When are you going to fix this? In the process, the cheaters bring the server down over and over again, using the base of the trebuchet and a harp from the Aquilonian DLC. We hope for a quick solution for this, because many people are using it.

Fix it soon!


Test Live got a fix for a few of those it seems.


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  • Fixed a number of exploits used to crash a dedicated server.
  • Fixed a number of undermesh locations.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow to override healing animations.
  • Fixed an exploit in regards to obtaining infinite stamina.
  • Improved security measures against dedicated server network attacks.
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