Full Health When Level Up

Because you know, that’s like the standard with every game now.

I don’t care about this - either way is fine with me but just to mention:

Every game where I’ve looked at that, the health bar always has to catch up with the new total amount awarded by leveling. So I’m thinking it’s not the standard, if in fact there is one.

Is it? I can think of a few games that do this, most of time its a get out of free jail card… and people want it turned off. XD

Can’t please everyone… SO TOGGLE OPTION! >=3

Those games that do that are more active, action-oriented games.

Conan is a survival game, survival games do not do that.


You get HP just by leveling up? Doesn’t it require spending points in Vitality? That sounds some fresh new change to me (bear in mind, I haven’t played for a week roughly).

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I assumed @ghettorogue was talking about thralls and pets.

They level up and the health bar is left behind momentarily. If you can level them fast enough (possible on some private servers) it can result in them having about half-health for like 15 or 20 minutes.

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Meh, I’m good with it either way. “Get out of jail free card”? Sure, but only on rare occasion under specific circumstances. Also it’s only good 59 times, nearly all of which will be spent when you’re not in danger.

I won’t really say no to it. But is it even worth while? You’re under 60 for maybe 5% of the time you play a character or less.

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Why do you want Conan to be like every other game? How many games have ridiculously oversized weapons and armor? Should CE adopt that too? Should the dragons have wings just because dragons in other worlds have them? There has to be a better reason to want something other than “that’s what other games do.” Why not just bandage yourself or drink potions like any other time?

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