Full line of gear with stats/resists

trying to live in the volcano its very annoying since the gear choices are pretty slim as far as stats go

TONS of armor with cold resist but poor places to build in the north, hardly any caves or stuctures to secure

very few and most light gear only with heat resist, and for that matter the heat resist needs a better look at as all flawless gear with heat resist dont provide as much as cold resist gear

need to have all stats of gear with both options of heat and cold resist, and also add armorers to the zones that make the flawless versions of gear, trying to get northern flawless but only 1 thrall in the whole database makes it and it currently doesnt spawn anywhere…fjoror battleborn needs a spawn location

Light, Medium, Heavy armor. Just about any T4 Armorer can craft the Flawless Epic versions of these in an improved armorer’s bench.

Flawless Darfari Epic - B’Naru Heavyhands or Ogrus Iron-Eater

Or go do the Black Keep and make yourself the Silent Legion armor which has max heat resist as well.
There are less viable cold options than heat so it’s opposite of what I’ve experienced.

The exceptional might even be enough but I haven’t tested.

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sadly the darfari epic heat resist is lower than basic epic and even then its a tad lackluster on amount

need more than 2 of the 7 stats with heat resist gear

need to have all 7 heat resist sets in every armor type almost all of them exist with cold resist…

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