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Hello. I’d like to know if there is anywhere where I can read a complete, detailed list of changes that are made to the game whenever there is an update. Yesterday I played single player on the old Conan Sandbox map for a few minutes and noticed that you can’t damage your own buildings or thralls anymore (which is great, by the way) and that the recipe for consolidant changed (after I had already made 5,000 twine!). I also found new recipes in my Altar of Set. Changes such as these are not specified in the patch notes, and it would be great to know about them, even if they are subject to change in the next patch. It’s also really useful for me to know which systems are being changed to detect possible conflicts with my mods. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


No, you can’t. Funcom never releases such list.

That is an awesome question, I was just thinking of that the other day when I went to make consolidant myself. I am pretty sure when a team makes a change they log it somewhere and someone reads the logs. I do not think it is too much to ask for a compilation of all changes, even the minor ones.

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They do, just not on the forums.


Just an FYI, the Siptah update had 4556 changes to the base game alone. That’s why you don’t see a comprehensive list. They’d be writing that until January. So they cherry pick.


This link you gave us looks more like a automated report generated by IDE as a byproduct of new game build release, rather then a meaningful document compiled by a human being.

That’s because it is. If they were to compile a list of every change. They’d be writing that for a long time. If you scroll down (or better yet use Control-F and search Change), and look at the changed assets, you will see 4556 changes to the base game. Again, this is why I stated that they decide to cherry pick the biggest changes.

What point does it serve to tell players that enums have changed on combos? And if you have no idea what that means then you really don’t need to know. Which is kind of the point.

We just want to know when they change a potion recipe from twine to grass. We don’t want to learn to C++

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Like I said TWICE already.

They cherry picked the biggest changes. I doubt anyone in Funcom thought (because I know I didn’t) that a potion recipe was going to be some groundbreaking change that was going to shock some players.



How about this.

They ARE compiling everything they changed for you all to read. They’re just not done with it yet. Check in sometime in December to see the progress.


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No need to get defensive…lol. Has nothing to do with “shocking” anyone. Is it too much to ask that when a change is implemented, we the people that pay their salaries, get notified?


Looks like you all aren’t going to get what you want.

All of the patch notes for the game can be found here: