Full release download question

hi all, i have the conan exiles testlive version at steam (pc) right now, and can play at official testlive servers…

with the game launch tomorrow, will i need to download a new game data?

if yes, please let me know so i can download it till the launch…


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You will have to patch like everyone else. There is a lot of stuff coming with release that never made it to testlive. One of the community manages in another thread let us know that the patch will likely be available to download a couple of hours before the official servers go live at 4AM PDT.

You need to back out of the BETA program via the properties submenu for Conan Exiles in your Games List. This will initiate an auto download of the Std version and then the full release when it becomes available, as long as your steam software is set to auto download updates to programs.

( Edit - as indicated below in the next msg, the TestLive will continue on and the above refers to only moving to the full live release version )

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No, Testlive players are getting a smaller patch than the Live players.

This is not necessary unless you wish to return to the live version of the game.