Full Servers - Possible server number changes

So, since the full release I am unable to hop on my old official server. It was my only favorited server, and it looks as if the entire server number has been changed. If not, it looks like my old server ceases to exist entirely. Since then, I haven’t even had a chance to play the game as the server is completely full. And by the looks of it, there aren’t really enough servers readily available for the full release anyways. At least functional ones.

I am not looking to restart my character. Surely there must be a solution? Either add more functional servers or increase the current player cap allowed in one server at a single time? Any feedback of similar experiences would be nice.

There was a wipe on ALL official servers. There is no choice but to create a new character. It also appears that the names of all official servers has been changed with the official release.

Even before the wipe the max player number per server was 40.

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I understand that was the player cap beforehand, however I did not understand that we would need to restart our characters from scratch. Nice. lol. Still doesn’t detract from the fact I cannot enter any American servers as they are all full, literally always.

Thanks for the reply.