Fumcom move to subscription server (Fictional)

Disclaimer, this is not real, and my language skills are that of a crush walnut: P

At funcom, we are aware that the current model of free official serves is not working. Although our heart was in the right place, to offer players access to free online functionality, supported by DLC sales, this has not worked out as planned. We feel the frustration of our player base and have come up with a trail solution.

As mall subscription fee of € 4.00/m (£3.50 : $4.50) we will offer 40 player servers with report system of any issues found on said servers (Such as exploits, which would be investigated within 1-3 days, depending on work load). People purchasing the base game will also get one month free subscription (more with promotional offers)

Discounts would be awarded for 3 month subscriptions or more, and access to new DLC for free (3 months would be €10. Bringing it in line with current DLC pricing)

There may be a lag time on available servers vs. subscriptions, but we will do our best to match demand within 5 working days of any noticeable change. Sadly, this does not be we can increase the player allowed on a single server, only open more servers.

The subscription system will replace the current system, and we are aware that this may upset some players, who have already invested time. This solution will provide more stable servers and longevity of server availability (based on demand). This will also give us the opportunity to strengthen out ‘terms of service’, making purposeful exploitation of the game result in account suspension. (Warning system will be in place)
We wish to offer this new system to show our player community that are valued and secure the future of Conan exiles and its online experience.

if only :stuck_out_tongue: and in know some will think this is a terrible idea, but as its going now, server are dying and hope will run out

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