Funcom Advice: For new patch notes

Everytime you guys decide to roll out a new patch or DLC. You should write hand written letters to each of us players left in your game, and apologize for the pure cr@p you rolled out. In that letter you should explain why there will be WEEKS if not more of bugs/ issues/ or changes to game that make playing this game tough and almost unbearable to play, even for those of us with 1000s of game hours here… You should also acknowledge you understand you ■■■■ all over what shouldve been and awesome game, but that you dont care about that or your player base left, and atleast thank those of us left for sticking it out…


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hot take, but 100% truth

Unfortunate truth.

They dumped a broken patch on the game and ran.

Most companies would be in pr damage control mode, Funcom… went on holiday after fixing the most egregious (coin ban) error.

The fact that there’s been no communication at all is incredibly disappointing.

Pretty much the standard for Funcom.

I can only say: don’t buy Funcom games


It was egregious absolutely but they actively communicated and did everything possible, this time, to address it for the majority of players in less than 48 hours. Some were still affected but it was fixed in the following days.

So I can give them that.

They need to do better on quality control. Scrap the hard chapter roll out in favor of putting out better patches. Listen to the players putting in their unpaid time on test server. Announce each change even if it is small. Provide brief explanations for why things are changed. And for the love of the damn game, if they have to roll it out despite all serious efforts, announce, explain and provide reasonable expectations of when it will be fixed.

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