Funcom Against the Conan Community

“The spawn rates for magic pages have also been modified, but for what reason? Are you against the Conan community?”

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You know you can craft them, right?

As the crafting pages is modified as well. Before on 10 crafted you had maximum 2 spell pages, the rest was failed.
Now it’s the exactly opposite even with sorcerer Lvl1 .

It’s the first complaint for spell pages since age of war dropped and loot tables have been changed m8 :laughing:. Plus there’s many places that you can loot spell pages too, but they are scattered around the map and mostly in dungeons.
Bottom line, you need only the pages you have to use to learn sorcery and the spells are not so many, farm ritual blood and you’ll be OK.
People were collecting spell pages when they use to drop easy, gosh!!!

All this grind for a teleporter. Funcom knows how to make the game “fun”

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You can buy caches containing pages for bloodcrystal near Mek-kamoses

I know the places where the pages are but it takes or too much spawn I had to do sacrificed blood to unlock all the magic too many hours of game play to do just this give and take shit

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it’s not supposed to be easy.

That’s absolutely true. Sorcery is very grinding and i am not sure it worth it. But tbh right now i play a session ONLY sorcery, so far i brawl and kick to survive :rofl:. In a week i believe i will reveal the best i can from the feature that’s called sorcery and i will have a better visual for this matter. Because one thing i learn all these years in this game, the only way ti understand and respect a weapon ir a feature, is to play only with it and do whatever this map requires.

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I’m sure that is play dependent. PVE I think it is well worth it, mass “cull”, transpatory stones, bats, recall body,… mmm I know there is much more but that is all I use regular. None the less I found it worth the effort even having to fight jahil’s{?} kin to get the black blood.


I have a totally different observation since AoW. The grind is minimal thanks to the loot drops changing. The only things I have issues obtaining and still resorting to the grind that AoS introduced are

Dragon horns-This is tedious if you are not in a condition to take on RM as you just go about killing baby dragons.
black blood (but that isn’t a grind so much as a trek up that cliff one time to harvest 2-3 Jhil bosses)
Power fragments (but only in the sense that I forget I need them for sorcery and started buying recipes)
Sacrificial blood (which is still only about 20 minutes worth of work at an NPC base)

All other ingredients are usually plentiful in just roaming in the content. Even the pages are easy if you remember to pick them up when thrall hunting in Sepermeru.

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Depends the playstyle brother.
If sorcery is just a side quest for someone, to take the necessary but play mainly without it, it’s easy as you said.
If you use spells, summon demons, Abyssal gear and corrupt your attributes, it’s grinding, there’s no other term for it.
Sacrificial blood must be sold or looted, like everything else in this game and then i will agree that there’s no reason to grind anymore.

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