Funcom and/or Tencent

An overall positive move with Onslaught. Gives us something more to do, while increasing population, even if just temporarily. Because of the possible “just temporarily”, please continue with content updates. If you, Funcom/Tencent, show you are willing to continue with updates, and mainly communicating with us what’s going on, then the ball that was dropped years ago can be picked up and carried for the win!

A big start would be using areas already created in game. There are MANY areas that are supposedly closed off, that with timing and a little luck, you can jump, sqeeze, run, etc to get into. Some of these areas are huge! Npcs, mobs, quests, etc, can be added much easier than having to map and create a whole new area, as they are already there!


Don’t forget doors! There are a ton of doors, gates, crevices, etc, in every map/area that can be added to or opened up into new areas, that are already there!

This would take a lot less time/effort/money to upgrade and add to game, for a big return - increasing returning vets, new players, and word of mouth advertising - all for a signifigant increase in revenue.

Everything needed for a positive return on ALL sides.

Thank you for the work put in for this, and keep going! Looking for Age of Conan to come back savage as ever and be a big contender again!


I would like to see a crafting zones renaissance: Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp, Poitain.

And also the promised Unchained modes for other dungeons: Tortage Underhalls, Toirdealbach’s Tomb, Cradle of Decay, Sanctum of the Burning Souls, Black Castle, The Catacombs, Slaughterhouse Cellar, Xibaluku

Add shards to all UC/KhitaiHM dungeons or to repeatable quests and all shall be happy :slight_smile: