Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

That is your opinion.

And that is fine for a private server. They are not a corporation and are not liable for rules. The rules that Funcom puts out has to stand within the realm of legality which private servers do not.

Private servers also generally have Admins who actually play on the server. Funcom has hundreds of servers if not thousdands across three different platforms. They do not have the staff to have admins sitting around on all of these servers watching things happening and answering questions and all that which private servers have. You cannot compare an apple to a turnip.

Perhaps that is because they aren’t? :woman_shrugging: They receive reports via Zendesk and then investigate said reports. If the people they are investigating are found to be in violation of the rules they take action. They are not however server admins. They are more like police investigators.

And where do you think they are going to magick up the money to do this? Gods forbid they release another cosmetic DLC to help offset the cost for that, I can hear the outrage already.

How will that help PS or XBOX? No, mods do not belong on officials.

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If someone was banned, they were banned for a reason. It might not be a reason they agree should be ban worthy, or it may be over something they didn’t know was ban worthy but it was for a reason.

Actions have consequences, some people find that hard to accept. And I find it highly unlikely your friend was innocently banned on two separate occasions with two separate guilds.


No I’m saying outright ( you hop on server and clan offers a spot in clan you just randomly got and hit accept right then and there) but if you take something some one offers like this and you know nothing not how many of there clan, players game tags, are they active in game enough are they aggressive and have to much building which you can check if they no cheat. The ban every one in clan no matter who did what is where I feel the should look into it deeper but the way building works now is every one owns every thing of clan with no way to determine who placed what or who cheat with the help of ? Is where the problem gets worse but I don’t know if the game is able to do that without bad draw backs affecting every single player. I wish I had a better offer or way to help but there’s not right now many of us can do or in some cases funcom.

So basically we agree - they are not good admins (my opinion which you share) because as you say, they are not server admins at all.

They already pay a third party for server space and bandwidth. Do they get the bandwidth for free? I didn’t say anything about it being a lot of money or server admins would get rich, lol. As it is, funcom is spending money on the space and bandwidth (for hundreds of servers that show 0/40 - and now they are adding staff to investigate complaints and ban players. Unless zendesk is staffed with unpaid volunteers?

Solutions don’t have to be universal “all or nothing” to be improvements. I’m not even saying they should even do this with all PC servers. Like all things, gaming companies don’t just jump in all or nothing without even testing, lol. You’re saying it it’s a bad idea, but as you say that’s your opinion. You don’t have any data to disprove my concept and I don’t have any data to prove it. We are just two people without any concrete data or real numbers expressing opinions about something we have no real voice in deciding.

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It is a reality that unless you are in a clan with people you know, you have no idea if they are cheating or not. There could be a huge base under the mesh that you don’t know about.
You might be suspicious, sure. I don’t know any other cheats besides that, so if I joined a server and someone asked me to join a clan I don’t even know what to look for.
The friend could also not be 100% honest, too. Maybe he knew they were cheating and thought funcom had to “prove” he was cheating.

But the biggest problem is that it’s really difficult to be a solo PvPer and a lot of people don’t want to do that, so they team up with people they know nothing about. I completely understand that it could happen to someone twice. We don’t know what % of players are cheating.
I also see the funcom side that just partial banning a cheating clan doesn’t work. The members of the clan that were banned could then just make new Steam ID’s and buy Conan again and re-join the clan and have all their stuff again two hours later.


Oh, I don’t know, either. I mean, it certainly can’t be that this game isn’t quite as horrible as so many people on these forums make it out to be, can it? I mean, if selling Conan Exiles and its DLCs was enough to cover the ongoing cost of hosting official servers, that would mean that many people here were wrong, and we can’t have that. :roll_eyes:

If only the rules said why claim spam is a problem. Something, anything. If they said something like this, then that would make things much clearer:

Sadly, we’ll never know the truth.

Most of the time they can’t even do that, because they often can’t know which player is responsible. Not every little detail of every individual action is stored in the game database or event log.

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And that is what having discussions on a forum should be about. :grin:

But you are still not addressing the question of where they are going to get the money to add yet more staff to admin all of these servers. As it has been well established the cosmetic DLC’s pay for the servers, or at least a large chunk of that cost. So where do you propose they get the additional funds. If we are talking about additional cosmetic DLC’s well, just look at the other posts of rage fill tantrums on the forum about those. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, my point was that PS and XBOX do not even have ACCESS to it. Not that it’s a bad idea, I love PIPPI and I think it’s one of the two most essential mods. I personally play on PC and I also play on private servers, not officials. However, that does not mean that I could care less about people who play on PS and XBOX, or that they are worth less than people who play on PC. That’s nonsense. So my point was simply that they, as a company, should not implement things on official servers that only 1/3 of their platforms have access to. I hope that clears up my point.


I will admit that I often completely forget PS and Xbox even exist, lol.
I won’t say / admit what my instinctive reaction is whenever I read in a gaming forum “What about PS and XBOX” :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes even people you’ve known a long time who are generally good people cheat at games too.

I knew a guy who cheated at cards simply because he thought it was fun to try to get away with it. He wouldn’t play for money, he had nothing to gain from winning. He would even flat out admit that he liked to cheat at cards if you asked him.

Dude was pretty good at it too, he could stack a deck while shuffling in plain sight. In retrospect he probably could have been a pretty good sleight of hand magician if he had any interest in it


Just a heads up between the three platforms on all regions it’s about 1200 servers not hundreds.

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That’s not entirely true: they sell DLCs, and they’ll try to sell other games like Dune, and then they’ll cry because no one gonna buy it (if people has memory and can remember how Funcom treated them at Conan). Not charging a monthly fee is no excuse to mistreat customers who paid for their game.

In my opinion playing on official pvp servers is impossible now: without mentioning the issue of cheaters you can be banned at any time, you do not need to claim half a map, with a base large enough to be defensible you can be reported … and maybe you won’t baned but no one is safe now (unless your base is an easily raideable 10x10 in which case you can’t play on a pvp server either).

Really?? “Unfortunately we cannot disclose any additional information from our investigation”. It is the generic message that Funcom sends in all their bans, they tell you why they ban you but they never tell you exactly why. I have friends who got banned for buildings and they dont even know where and what building was wrong at Funcoms eyes…

Oh yes, of course, with their new policy legal gamers are leaving the game and are replaced by cheaters from that Asian country that cannot be named :wink: It will be a wonderful vision. The last 3 wars that my clan fought before leaving Conan were against all speedhackers, there were no clans left who fight by normal ways. That was one of reasons that we stopped playing and seeing what is happening now I doubt very much that we will return.

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With this new policy your clan does not even need to cheat, they does not have to insult anyone, in fact they does not even have to build a huge construction … just a big one and someone who knows how to write reports and wants to bother. For those who think I’m exaggerating, I personally know people who reported a base only in revenge for being reported (for trash talking) and with “crying” enough they sent them to the ban, I don’t know how long, but long enough to wipe them. And seeing that it works they have done it more than once with more than one clan …

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Pretty much this.

I’ve been admining on and off for about three years now and the story is always the same. Player does a naughty thing. Thinks its cool, funny, and edgy. Giggles to his ‘friends’ about it. Gets reported (sometimes by so called friends… that’s funny and it happens a lot) and gets themselves actioned or banned.

Well their funny joke backfired and now they feel personally attacked. How dare the admin rain on their parade like that. Its an insult. So they respond back in kind. They talk about how the admin abuses the players, exploits the players, and all sorts of made up nonsense.

They don’t stop there. They try to be as toxic as they can, PMing other people in discords. Making social media posts, and so forth. In this case they go on the forums, leave bad steam reviews, and generate all kinds of toxic false nonsense.

I just wish Funcom would share the blacklist.txt file with private server owners so we can prevent that toxicity coming to them as well. You have to do something really screwed up on an official to get banned. That is NOT the player I want to deal with.


Yeah, I keep hearing that same old tired claim, that “people will remember this” and that’s why Dune will flop. Thing is, for that to be true, those people have to be a significant number. It looks like Funcom is willing to be that it’s a small minority that keeps making the game crappy for the rest of us.

Not charging a monthly fee gives them the right to do whatever the hell they want with the service they’re offering you for free. As for “mistreating” the customers, we’re at an impasse there: a bunch of you claim that you’re being mistreated because Funcom is getting serious about enforcing the rules they set a long time ago. The rest of us are skeptical about that claim.

Yeah, I was wondering when this was going to become a discussion about PVP players’ unwillingness to adapt to the fact that claim spam for treb protection and foundation stacking until the server is bleeding are two things that are against the rules. Guess I didn’t have to wait long.

Every single time something changes about PVP, there’s always an uproar on these forums from the people who just don’t wanna adapt. The only difference this time is that people think that being banned is unfair because they’re not outright cheating.

If you keep shifting the goal posts, you’ll always be right. “Funcom didn’t spell out exactly how I broke the rules” is not really the same as “Funcom did not bother to justify the ban in any way”.

Knowing you got banned from “blocking content”, for example, is already enough info to preclude you from pretending that you’ve been wronged and have no idea why you got banned.

I’ll be brutally honest here: I don’t care. Yeah, I know cheating is a problem and I completely agree they should solve it. But even if I did play on PVP servers and even if I chose to play on official PVP servers, I still wouldn’t think that not dealing with one kind of rule infraction somehow excuses the other kinds of rule infractions.

“They’re not punishing cheaters, so they shouldn’t punish claim spammers and overbuilders” never sounded logical to me. It’s like saying “the police doesn’t do anything about carjackers, therefore I should be allowed to break into cars to steal stuff”.

Conveniently for this discussion, we’ll just have to take everyone’s word that there was nothing bannable about this base, like for example claim spam…


I arguably don’t understand why you’re messing this up here. Do you intend to direct this discussion entirely to a topic other than what this is about?
Have you ever even built a base on an official server?
If you were really playing on official servers and owning big bases you would understand what is being discussed in this conversation and you would not be presenting irrelevant posts here and proposing absolutely incredibly outrageous stuff like blacklists of players. It would no longer be lacking here if players innocent of offenses were put on some official blacklist.

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Unfortunately, Rino really knows how things are on PvP server 1088.
I don’t play there very actively and at the moment I don’t have a clan and a base there at all anymore, only that way I can avoid for sure for sure that I won’t get a band.
In the last 8 months, almost every clan of the larger base has been banned from there, and the server was so popular last winter that it couldn’t even play there when the raid time started, you had to log in an hour before you could get into the game.
Now, server 1088 is just a negligible shadow of its former popularity.
So is this funcom’s goal? Run official servers down.
It would be fairer to state directly that they will all be wiped blank.

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I also play on another PVP server and Funcom has made me change my style of play totally with its ban action.
Before, I was kind to all new players, now I kill and destroy them as soon as I find them.

Dude was probably better than most pro sleight of hand magicians if he had legit card cheating skills - the majority of magicians would get caught if they even tried (and most aren’t even capable of the relevant skills). There’s good reasons that many of the great magicians of the last century or two spent as much time as the could interviewing and hanging out with card cheats - they were learning everything they could :slight_smile: (It all kinda comes down to consequences - if a magician gets caught, it maybe messes up the performance, whereas if a card-cheat gets caught, things could get very bad…) (And ‘stacking the deck while shuffling’ was the perfect example to describe his skill :slight_smile: I can do a couple of tricks that might seem like I’m doing that, but doing it for real, while being closely watched by other card players, is a whole different set of skills :slight_smile: )

That’s the point: there is no clear rule, not even rough, of what is right or what is wrong. In fact when those people I know wrote their reports they weren’t sure at all that they would have an effect, they just did it for testing and it worked. By that I mean that when they saw the base they didn’t say “oh it has an illegal construction, let’s report it, maybe they’ll be banned” but “Do you think they can ban someone for a base like that? -I don’t know, let’s try to report to see what happens”.

Before the main problem of the official PVP servers were the cheaters, now the problem has been added that you never know when you can be banned, there is no safe way to build and be 100% sure that you will not be banned for that. (unless you build a small cube that will raid in 5 mins).

On the other hand I will give advice to those who have been unjustly banned, it is not worth complaining, complaints will not be heard or posts will be deleted. Paradoxically the best they can do is follow the TOC especially the part about not skipping the bans: if you have been unfairly banned, DO NOT BUY ANOTHER ACCOUNT TO KEEP PLAYING, because it gives me the impression that they are giving permabans for BUILDING to make people buy the game again + Siptah (now required to play PVP because the transfer)


Ah, for everyone, for this base Funcom banned a player 14 days… for claim spamming. It would be funny if it weren’t a shame.