Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

Estimated 100 of these posts belongs to you, not really talking about the topic but just pointing out they’re wrong in your opinion and also repeating yourself. You don’t forget also to remind them they can’t understand what they read when most of the time you don’t try to understand what they mean even if they point it out to you mutltiple times coz you get fixated about one thing only and all time trying to prove them wrong and yourself right and loosing the main point. Kinda like you just wanna argue and do it all just to argue. And most of your posts are about picking on people not really talking about game. Little hater and hipocrit here.

Sorry my bad, it’s only 70 yet a TOP1! Almost twice more than TOP2 :joy:

By writting they didn’t change much, but I don’t remember Funcom banning people just for some landclaim around their bases when they finally logged into the reported server.

Man seriously, get off me, and stop getting fixated about one thing for next 50 post please :joy: I already said why I don’t care, you either didn’t read or didn’t understand AGAIN.

I know what I did, I don’t need to have it on paper to prove it to you, or does it gonna let you sleep better in the night that I know specifically why I got myself banned?

I don’t even see the point of discussing this specifically with you, you don’t bring any good advices, propositions or give good answers you just keep picking on people and quote them over and over again if you find something you can prove them wrong and shine yourself even if they’re not really wrong, just have different opinion than yours. Accept it, don’t have repeat yourself all the time. I don’t tell you you should change your mind and agree with me, I also don’t post stuff directly and only to you to pick on you because of that, I was answering to a different person there with similar point of view as mine :).

People loose the point of discussion when there is so much unnecessary talk and some sort of personal issues with self esteem to be always right. But we can keep picking on each other off topic and raise the numbers, definitely motivating others to read it all when they can’t even get a proper answer to their question, only to be told off for not understanding something, aren’t we here to discuss what’s unclear or we gonna just criticise each other? Don’t be toxic, try to be helpful, and if you wanna share your opinion you can do it without criticising other players what would save us a big number of these post and maybe not trigger others into argument.

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I don’t need you to prove anything to me. And I also don’t care why you got banned. That’s between you and Funcom.

You made an assumption about why you got banned, an assumption you didn’t even bother to try verifying, and now you’re using that assumption to tell people how Funcom admins hand out bans based on their mood at the moment:

And then you call me a hater and a hypocrite.

There’s not a lot of “advice” to be given on this thread. The most obvious advice that applies – don’t spam claim, don’t stack, don’t build specifically to grief other people, report anyone who griefs you – has already been given.

Same goes for “good answers” – at no point did you ask a question that hasn’t been already answered on the thread. @DanQuixote was nice enough to rehash some of the stuff that has repeatedly been explained before. I used to explain all that patiently, ad nauseam, but I got tired of doing it for people who think they have a right to direct baseless personal attacks towards everyone, be it Funcom or other players.

As for proposing something, I did propose a few things. I don’t care if you read it or not. :man_shrugging:

What topic, exactly? If you haven’t noticed, this thread is basically the “landfill thread” for complaints about the new rules. Even the mods are using it that way, by closing other threads that pop up with the typical “boo hoo Funcom sucks because they banned me but not someone else I think deserves it” and pointing people to this thread.

So tell me, what is this topic that you came to discuss in a rational, civil manner?

That ship has sailed. The thread started toxic and it keeps getting more toxic every time someone new pops in to spew vitriol here and then gets butthurt when they don’t get a pat on the head for it.

Look, if you’re going to sling mud at people on a public forum and then complain you’re being criticized for it, I don’t know what to tell you. I would try “maybe don’t do that”, but it doesn’t seem like it would be well received. Apparently, it’s not “helpful”.


I talk about what I experienced, what I saw happend to other clans on the server, some were enemies some were neutral and some were allies. No hate there. And I am well aware of game exploits, I know how to look to check if someone is undermeshing. And I know that even the enemies who got banned the only wrong thing they did was too big landclaim or stacking. As so was ours, and all the other clans who got banned. One of them blocked obelisk too, well okay, that’s something extra :woman_shrugging:t3:. And this is really enough for me to tell people about it. Maybe it’s not enough for you, but I am talking about my experience and I am 99% sure that reason of these bans is the lanclaim or fence foundation stacking as abusing building system and don’t have the need to ask for that if I am sure what was wrong. I don’t feel bad for anything else I did on this server, I can only exlude one of these two options if I verify this. (But then below I write what I saw on next server after I got a ban.)

I also attached a picture of me building something new and different wondering if that’s okay, in people’s opinion, I don’t see Funcom really giving answers to any of these posts, and I didn’t get any answer to that. I wanted people’s opinion and all I just saw was them arguing with each other, including you. Okay you liked the post, I didn’t get an answer from anyone, and I still don’t know if I can build that even if it would be just a player opinion, it’s always something to let others think different way. Same as other players cannot refer to my posts as something official and sure even if I verified my ban or not.

I am a hater to funcom policy if it’s gonna keep up like this, but I am not hater to players, even those who are my enemies and annoy me on the server very much, it’s a good challenge. But there is another kind of people. I sent a report couple days ago (actually almost a week ago now) about a guy who reported us and is undermeshing on another server. They play there not full two weeks.

He already managed to report and ban clans on this server as well, which build their bases maybe a week ago coz it’s one of the servers where people went after they banned everyone on the previous one, so most of them started fresh, and some of the bases which wasn’t attached to the landclaim still stands there but the landclaim itself disappeared, and guess what, their mesh didn’t and they didn’t get a ban either :rofl:. And as long as I can deal with people’s huge landclaim I cannot deal with this injustice, because this mesh was also reported and was standing there before these other guy’s landclaim. And believe me I did everything I could to get them a ban. And this makes me wonder, what kind of people works in Funcom, or if this player have some personal contact with someone from administration, I got a reply from funcom that they received everything they need yet nothing happens and it was sent before these guys made this landclaim or during :woman_shrugging:t3:. So it’s not even my clan, nor my base, it’s an opinion of someone beside it all. And I know who was meshing, and who had just a normal base with too much landclaim. So landclaim > meshing. I’m only lvl 13 on this server and log in to watch what happens to people and clans talk with them to get some more information and observe by myself.

And I do turn it into joke, or maybe not as it’s a joke by itself, also including some of my opinion how I personally see funcom working.

Okay so I talk about funcom doing, are you gonna pick on me again in your next post and criticise me for not verifying my ban and still having opinion about funcom’s work based also on observations on other servers? You dont have to undermine me only coz I didn’t verify my ban, but I tell you what happens on another server, and it’s all the same, and I only log in there to observe and same happens, despite my ban.

And last thing, these meshers also blocked sinkhole obelisk which I added to report and they blocked these guys (who they reported and banned) from the rest of the map, they literally build around them, and it was beside the landclaim which disappeared but their wall stands there. It’s not a joke, server is 3141. Banned guys had a hanging base on JK3, meshers are meshing by unnamed city and the wall stands there by noob river. And so is landclaimed obelisk on sinkhole :woman_shrugging:t3: These guys who are meshing are using two clans and alter accounts, I managed to get some screen shots at the beggining to show that they were in this meshing clan too before, but they made a new one trying to look clean and are messing with others with their alts. But this is okay, just landclaim around the main base isnt xd. I kept the screen shots and videos of the mesh base, as they reduced it later and everything I put into report influding players list and this spam too…


Okay perhaps I was wrong, if this thread is going to devolve into baseless insults maybe it would have been more productive to hash out the virtues of utilitarian, self-interest, and categorical imperative ethical frameworks…

Also this post puts me in top 5 posters here, get rekt noobs.


I think you missed the part where my example of the official forums were for official servers was in reply to the attitude of "if you dont like it (meaning officials) go play solo, private or run your own server. I truly dont believe that, even if the idea of subforums for official topics existed due to the fact as we pointed out, would not work because you simply cant stop people from other platforms from posting.

It was merely a counter to the elitist attitude of “if you dont like it go somewhere else” Funny though how much backlash my example got.

Partly true though. Example from long ago was the lifeblood spear. Great, awesome idea, and a wonderful item for PVE. Ruined PVP. PVP discussion comes up about how it broke PVP and someone from PVE comes in to complain about the nerf. In that topic, does the PVE person upset at the nerf really have any decent input for a PVP discussion?

I will be honest though, Im not sure Ive ever read any threads regarding PVE things in Conan, or topics that dont deal with PVP. Maybe that makes me biased a bit I dont know. And maybe, thats why the debate came up about building limits/spam/whats allowed and why I have the thoughts I do.

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Here in the quote from the rules, it says “Blocking content in the game…” then goes on to list such things Funcom calls “content” - dungeons (very self explanatory and zero grey area), obelisks (very self explanatory and zero grey area) resources (100% grey area. All resources, some, none, rare, common? Why did they go from very self explanatory to this?), other areas of the game (again grey area. They have no build zones around many places, is this what they mean? Or does that mean blocking ways from getting to point A from point B? Because that opens up a whole host of areas one could debate)

Change it to “Content” remove the rest. Then, easily defined. Is it part of the game, necessary to access to play the game? Yes - content No - not content build away.


Third time your unable to explain your idea of rare resources. Keep going. And, report away. I know Im not breaking any rules so Im not worried. If Funcom ignores the ban report, I laugh at you. If I do get banned from the report I still laugh at you because it shows bias and how Funcom cant follow their own rules.

Either way, I laugh and it doesnt bother me.


Then ill ask you the same Ive asked Taemein multiple times that hes not been able to answer.

Define resources as it pertains to Funcoms rule.

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Fourth time. It was a simple question that you refuse to answer. Why is that?

Second, thats right, IF I got reported for whatever and Funcom decided to ban me, I wouldnt care. You clearly CANT READ where I said that Im not breaking any rules so Im not worried IF I get reported.

Im not blocking anything, Im not spamming anything, Im not meshing, cheating, duping or exploiting. I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

But, if thinking that my game got ruined because something hasnt happened yet, meh have at it. Ive been playing for nearly 5 years now and Ive never had any issues. Guess that makes me a bad person and player?

And so, because you make up a situation where you THINK I got banned, you then make the assumption that Im a jerk, and that I should be permabanned for it. Perma banned for you calling me names and making things up about me.

Lol, private server owners are funny.

PS: please do answer the question though, I do want your opinion on the matter.

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Sorry, its not. But, you are entitled to think what you like. And Im not going to attempt to change your mind.

The only thing I do care about is the answer to my question you still refuse to answer. In the five replies since I asked, and the effort youve gone to smear me, name call me and attempt to get me banned for “being a jerk” based on your false thoughts…that much effort could very easily have answered it.

Clearly at this point you wont, and thats ok. You attempt to say that Im wrong, I dont know what Im talking about, and when I ask you to clarify something were debating, you avoid the question repeatedly.

Like I said above, my opinions of you just keep getting lower and lower with your actions here.

I never said you didn’t know what you were talking about. That was your own claim. I’m just calling it a lie. You got caught being a jerk, and won’t take personal responsibility.

You might want to ask Codemage what I think of people’s opinions of me. Especially those who choose to play on Officials. Its only because of my respect for him and people like him that I haven’t brought that into this discussion.

Nah, I didn’t miss it. As a matter of fact, it stood out enough for me to remember thinking “what a strange thing to say”. @Taemien was going on about how official servers are “holding the game back” :roll_eyes: and how most of the complaints on the forums were about official servers, and of all the things you could have replied to that, you chose “well official forums are for official servers”.

That’s just a bad take, and using it in reply to another bad take doesn’t magically make it any better. It’s wrong on its own merit.

And that’s fine. Stopping them from posting is not a good thing.

I mean, start with the fact that your “example” was in no way expressed as an example, until you chose to retroactively label it as such.

But even as an example, it’s just downright wrong. “You can’t talk here” is not the same as “you don’t have to play that way”, and never will be no matter how much we torture it. The difference is that “you don’t have to play on officials” is sometimes appropriate, but most of the time just selfish, whereas “you can’t talk here if you don’t play on officials” is never appropriate and a really weird flavor of elitist.

The “example” got the backlash because it deserved it.

Yes, partly true. A lot of times you’ll get PVE people complaining about a nerf in an unconstructive way. But that has to do with people not bothering to be constructive, in general, and you won’t solve it by segregating different groups, unless you learn how to magically segregate the constructive from the rest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In your example, the PVE person upset at the nerf can have decent input. They could propose a solution that would still make the Lifeblood Spear useful for PVE without ruining PVP. Personally, I’m still salty at Funcom for introducing it and letting it stay for so long, only to nerf it into a freaking paperweight. They really, really should have found a way to make it work in PVE, but that requires more work than they’re prepared to budget for it.

And that’s how it goes way too often, which is how PVE people have learned not to stay out of PVP discussions. Funcom’s favorite problem-solving tool is the nerf hammer. That’s why we feel the need to speak up when PVP players ask for nerfs. Even after speaking up, we’ll still most likely get the nerf anyway, but at least we tried.

Do you want an honest answer to that? Because the honest answer might ruffle some feathers here, even though it’s true.

Yes, there are threads regarding PVE in Conan Exiles that wouldn’t have a very significant impact on PVP, but they are few and rare, because a huge number of threads on the forums these days are either about how Funcom sucks for the way they handle official servers, or how Funcom sucks for how they deal with the PVP balance. “The game is dead, Funcom killed it by doing something I don’t like” has always been the favorite song of some people, but now they’re louder and more persistent, or perhaps there’s fewer left of other people.

I tend to believe it’s the latter. A lot of the nice people I knew here went away. Some still remain, but stay quiet and almost never post anything. Very few have remained approximately as active as they used to be when I first met them.

I imagine some of them just got tired of the game and went away, but I do know that some of them got tired of the forums and the toxicity here.

“Easily defined” is not the same as “self explanatory” or “zero grey area”. Remove the examples, and you’ll have the same amount of “grey area” and discussions about it.

Let’s test this definition with one of those extreme hypotheticals you’re so fond of.

That rock on the right, in the image above, is it part of the game? Is it necessary to access to play the game? I mean, there are rocks everywhere, aren’t they. But would you still give me the same answers if it was the only rock left on the map?

Okay, but that’s an extreme hypothetical, let’s try something much less hypothetical: is the guaranteed sabretooth kitten spawn on Siptah part of the game and necessary to access to play it? Even if you get rid of them, there’s still a chance for a sabretooth kitten to spawn at one of the spots where adults normally spawn.

How about Nunu the Cannibal? Can we enclose him and make it so nobody can access him? Is he part of the game and necessary to access to play it? You can always spend 50 points and get the religion.

How about the silver mine? There’s a unique boss in there with unique recipes, but you don’t need those recipes to play the game, right?

Same goes for obelisks: you don’t really need them to play. So are they content you shouldn’t block?

Thing is, it doesn’t matter how you answer all of those questions above. The point is that others will answer them differently. That’s not going to go away just because you got rid of some examples.

Please don’t. This thread is toxic enough as it is.

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Only because you asked nicely. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do either Taemine or Darthphysicist work for Funcom? Nope. So to ask them this question is laughable at best.

You are only attempting to weasel your way into forcing Funcom into a position which they will never, for legal reason, put them selves into solely for the purpose of being able to say “HAHAH GOTCHA”. You are not clever enough to actually accomplish your objective however. No one is going to “define” anything for you. You understand the rules and are simply looking for an excuse to throw it back in Funcom’s face because simply do not like them. Get over yourself. Just like you don’t like the face the people who play on non official servers exist no one cares. They exist and they have the same rights to post on this forum and on any topic they bloody well chose.

I would point out that Funcom doesn’t have any legal obligation when it comes to providing or policing the servers. They have the right to ban for any reason or no reason at all. The argument of course is in the courtesy of being fair and level handed.

With that said, Nemisis has taken a weird position of feigned ignorance. He is nitpicking this idea of what is defined as a resource, what is too big, what is blocking what. When all of such has already been defined in the rules.

All that can be summed up with, “I don’t like it.” Which is a far more truthful statement then the disingenuous one’s he’s made thus far. And let’s be honest, you, Codemage, Darthphyscist, myself, and many others have come to the same consensus there. He’s sort of alone here in that regard. But not really. Which is ironic.

This is my personal opinion on how Funcom runs officials:

I don’t like it. I don’t like it enough that I won’t even play on them.

Here’s why:

I don’t like their server settings.
I don’t like their rules.
I don’t like their hosting company.
I don’t like their servers’ performance.
I don’t like the fact they have a thousand of these servers.
I don’t even agree with their method of enforcement.

With the exception of the first point (I assume), ironically I’d almost wager that Nemisis and I are in nearly perfect agreement. The difference is I’m more honest about it. And another difference is I’m not going to tell another Server Owner how to run their servers.

I will give opinions and there has been times where Funcom has asked (not me specifically, but the community of server owners and server admins), and in which case I have given it. But who the hell am I to tell them how to run their servers? Why would I be so important to do that? I’m not. No one here is.

But I doubt he will admit to the simple fact of, “I don’t like it,” or “I don’t agree with it.” Either due to ego, or due to some weird set of principles (let’s be honest, may simply choose to play official simply out of ‘principle’), or the fact that he lost some buildings and feels jaded because of it. Understably so. Even if it was possibly hurting other players. Work is work, even if its wrong. But at the end of the day, wrongs have to be righted for the good of others.

But now he’s taken the stance of not caring if he gets banned. Which indicated he has little regard for the other players that his actions are likely affecting. Just to ‘laugh’ at Funcom. Its hard to maintain a rational discussion with someone who just took things to a personal level with a non-sentient entity.


I didn’t reply because I don’t have anything useful to say about whether you can or can’t build in a specific way to protect yourself from offline raids. I don’t play on a PVP server, so I don’t have that problem, so I don’t have any need to build stuff like that.

Is it allowed? Heck if I know. I don’t see anything wrong with that particular picture. I don’t see anyone else replying to it, either, so either nobody thinks it’s wrong to build that way or nobody cares a lot. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I never really understood why that happens. I mean, I’ve already seen several people talk about the same thing happening to them: they report a cheater, they get the reply from saying that a Funcom admin looked into it and agrees rules were broken, then they get banned for building while the cheater doesn’t get banned for cheating.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on there. It certainly looks like Funcom’s simply doing a bad job here. I can’t think of a way a cheater would somehow circumvent a ban, so that would lead me to the conclusion that Funcom really didn’t ban them. There’s no good excuse for not banning them.

The only thing I’m not sure of is how people who are banned know that someone else didn’t, without being able to log in, but I’m assuming they contacted someone they know on the server, using Discord or some other out-of-game channel.

If Funcom is failing to ban cheaters as fast as they ban those who abuse the building mechanics, then that’s something they really need to improve.

Like I said, I “picked on you” because you claimed that Funcom was banning people based on their admins’ moods. I would’ve “picked on you” for that regardless of whether you verified your ban – not verifying it just makes it worse. :man_shrugging:

Look, it’s perfectly possible to criticize Funcom without resorting to personal attacks or tantrums or ridiculous demands or hyperbolic falsehoods or any other kind of Karen crap that people here are so fond of. But in this community, for some reason, people think it’s their right to shіt all over Funcom and that’s why I end up being called anything from “white knight” and “fanboy” to “hater”. I’ve gotten pretty much used to it, but it still boggles my mind that people who do that think that they have the moral high ground and I am somehow bullying them.


There’s always room for improvement. But catching cheaters is insanely hard. With buildings, the offenders could have been offline for days and you can login and see in real time, the offense being committed.

With cheaters, its not so easy. You pretty much have to catch them in the act or pray that the reporter gave good evidence. Not only does the evidence have to be clear, it has to be confirmed to be not fabricated too. That last one is getting harder and harder to verify.

One of the biggest obstacles is upload speeds and such. Pictures don’t tell the whole story, if I took a picture of a glitch on my end showing you ‘flying’ that shouldn’t be construed as you cheating. But a video is better. Problem with videos is their length and quality cause the filesizes to skyrocket.


I know all of that. I also know that if Funcom replies to your report and says “we’ve checked it out and you’re right, they were cheating”, they should be able to ban the cheater reasonably soon after that. What should not be happening is that you report the cheater and Funcom says “yep, that’s a cheater” and then they ban you for building abuse without banning the cheater.

And before you cast doubt on those testimonies, I am aware that they might not be true, but I also know that Funcom has established a track record of poor response times to these reports. I have no problem believing those particular complaints, because Funcom’s lack of proper enforcement has been a problem for a long, long time now.

Also, while it is insanely hard to catch most of the cheaters, undermeshing – which @Nenneke and a few others are complaining about – doesn’t fall in that category. If you report an undermesher and provide sufficient evidence – screenshots taken with camera tricks and teleport locations taken with Ctrl+L – then all Funcom has to do is teleport there and look.

All in all, I agree that things aren’t as easy as people would like to believe – and I often point that out, to the point I get harassed for that – but let’s not go too far in the other direction.

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Lets test my “rewrite” of the rules with your examples.

Is it part of the game, necessary access to play the game? No. Done. As for if its the only rock in the game, the only spot to farm that one rock…then the answer would be YES, and in violation of the rules.

Is it part of the game, necessary to access to play the game? Yes - done. If you want to use the idea of spending the 50 points to learn it as a workaround, go farm for 20 mins in the undead city and get 5 fragments of power and your literally out nothing. The game already has methods in it to gain more feat points so that players no longer need to reroll their feats to learn one thing or another. IN THAT CASE, then NO is the answer.

Is it part of the game, necessary to access to play the game? Its a dungeon (although small, and like you said with recipes aka part of the game) Yes, against the rules.

Is it part of the game, necessary to access to play the game? While true, you dont NEED to use obelisks with mounts and just running around, obelisks and fast travelling is part of the game. So, Yes, against the rules.

But notice how its a simple yes and no, and there is no grey areas left. Id love to hear some counter points to these answers as it pertains to each question if you can come up with some.

YOU called me the jerk buddy. Look back above…


I dont need to take responsibility when someone calls me something - not that it matters, Ive been called worse by better and like I said on a massive thread like a year ago - I truly dont care what people call me.

Lastly, this was post 6 of yours refusing to answer that same question. Im starting to think that there are no rare resources as you pointed out, it was merely a talking point. Thats ok.