Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

I just want to be absolutely sure that we’re on the same page here: are you really saying that the only thing we need to avoid that – and the rest of the stuff you mentioned in your post – is for rules to be clearer? Is that what you’re saying?


Go. Right. Ahead.

You think you’re the first to come here and shake a fist here and threaten Funcom with some kind of “action”, whether it’s lawsuits or BBB or raising the stink on YouTube? “Ooh, you better do what I say, or I’ll do something about it!” What, exactly, is stopping you? If you’re really so outraged about this, why don’t you do something about it instead of posting vague threats?


First of all, if thirty or forty people were actually banned from the server, you’d still have absolutely no idea who reported them. They may well have all been reporting each other for quite some time.

It also raises the question of why would moderation ignore old reports just to wipe out your server? We still consistently see players complaining that their reports don’t get resolved in a remotely timely fashion.

Moderators are humans, and some mistakes are bound to be made. However this weird conspiracy that FC is intentionally banning good players en masse just for fun doesn’t make sense.

What would FC have to gain by doing this?

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The biggest thing I see omitted is this, If a private servicer bans a player are they obligated to disclose why? Funcom is the private server owner of officials. Giving any reason is not required, as is any reason they can shudder down servers, or like at the very beginning reclass an officual from pve < pvp or the like.


Oh i absolutely have an idea who reported these 30-40 people. Cause this very person made no deal about it… he messaged a dozen of people from different clans to let everyone know it was him. He seeked the attention instead of staying silent… he even knew when exactly the server admin is going to join the server and announced it before.

The difference between a regular server admin and funcom is, that both have different interests… funcom wants (i guess) promote its product and have satisfied customers and a server admin just wants to run a server with his rules (except for servers who make money with starterpacks etc.). So this comparison is utterly nonsense.

It can‘t be in funcoms interest to ban 40 people for the sake of 1… this is very bad business. imagine that these 40 people are customers… they buy dlcs etc.
A way more moderate handling of this situation would be appreciated , like just deleting what funcom is considering ‚spam‘ and let the people know what exactly was the problem… the rules are very very shady for this… literally anything could be considered as spam.

At the moment the harsh reality looks like this…some idiot who doesn‘t like person/clan xy is reporting something them for ‚spam‘. The report takes 2 weeks… then some dumb moderator joins the server does not question anything… just teleports to the places of his report… deletes everything (even stuff which is not belonging to the reported clan, it just needs to be beside the ‚spam‘) and then banning everything which is related to what he just deleted… completely without any brain and sense of appropriateness.

Remember… these people do not even know what they did wrong because the rules are way to unprecise… its like saying… wearing clothes is forbidden…what kind of clothes? shirts, trousers? What color? etc. etc.

It says spam is forbidden… what is considered spam ? Your base ? Basically every little base, shack, hut whatever is blocking something… does it make it spam ? Is it even allowed to build a base on official server ?

My Girlfriend had a really beautiful Base on conflict… looks like a palace… she made like 2 lines of foundations around her base because people on this server were placing pillars in front of her base so she couldn‘t repair it anymore… this way she can keep repairing it… now she is banned… she still doesn‘t know why… for having a base?

With her my account is also banned because i was in her tribe… i maybe logged in 5 times on that server in the last half a year…
At the same time i got banned on official server. I joined my friends tribe… was on that server for maybe a week… (the reports went out 2 weeks ago according to this guy)… i didn‘t build a single foundation on that server… is that fair ? Is that your understanding of fairness?
Do you really think that is a business that funcom should follow ? Cause this is what the reality looks like at the moment…


Actually you make my point stronger. A private owner based on they just want to own a server, is feeding only there ego. Funcom has a vested interest to make money. By that logic Funcom would be more forgiving towards any infractions, meaning that when they swing a ban hammer it more likely for legitimate reasons.


They don’t do it for the sake of one, they do it for the sake of everyone who might be affected by those who break the rules. Ever wonder why they don’t ban the rule-breakers only on the server where they broke the rules, why they ban them on all official servers? That’s why.

You haven’t read the rules, have you?

No, it doesn’t. The rules don’t mention spam at all. Like I said, you haven’t read the rules.

See, you know exactly why, because you described it yourself perfectly. You pointed out the exact detail you think caused the ban. And you’re painting it as some sort of injustice, because you disagree with it.

Those people who were placing pillars in front of her base, do you think they were playing by the rules or breaking them? What should you do when someone else breaks the rules, should you break them yourself or report them?

This is not really rocket science, the way people like you try to make it sound.

Again, you didn’t read the rules. There’s a section called “Personal responsibility and clan membership”. You should read it.


Is that what I wrote? Because I was under distinct impression I wrote:

Did you actually read that part or did you skip straight to name-calling? And if you did read that part, how did you not manage to understand that people who were placing those pillars were breaking the rules and should have been reported for breaking those rules? How much clearer do you need me to spell it out?

Make up your mind, either reporting never works or it’s abused left and right.

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Seems like you also have problems with reading. I said I know that people landclaiming and spamming around my base are breaking the rules, but funcom usualy never reacts to the reports which are being sent about those who do this landclaim. And it is all so shocking because they never did, and it is the forst time ever when I witnessed that 4 clans got banned, and this is where we have a question, so they favour some players? Or was it random? Why they don’t react like this on other servers then? Did they check how other servers are looking and how people are playing this game? How they try to secure themselves from such abusers who never got punished? The same guy who reported us changed server and is building in a mesh now :joy:

But seems like you might still not understand. If they put 10-20 foundation as close to my base as they can, only because I didn’t landclaim it before myself they stil stop me from building inside my own already built base, only these 10-20 foundations, and I can be bombing them every day but they will be coming and placing them back, and still stoping me from building in my own base. And sorry but you gonna tell me that 10-20 foundations are gonna be enough for the succesful report? :joy: lmao, I bet it’s not, so my basespot is useless and funcom won’t do anything about it, and I myself also can’t landclaim around my base coz it’s gonna be considered as breaking the rules. Jesus. They can put on this landclaim by my base few walls, doorframe and a window and call it a base too, and I can say bye to my basespot. Thanks for wasting my time on farming and building it, when this is enough to spoil it.


Like I said, make up your mind: either you’re outraged because they react to the reports, or you’re outraged because they don’t react to the reports.

Here’s what you’re actually outraged about: changes.

They didn’t react to reports of spamming and griefing often enough and well enough. So what happened is that everyone got used to fighting spam and griefing with more spam and griefing. And then Funcom decided that enough is enough, and they decided to make it clear that this won’t be tolerated anymore. As a result, they made a change to how the rules are worded, to make it clear that some stuff won’t be tolerated anymore and that offenders won’t be given so many second chances.

Then they announced those changes, both on the forums and through server log-in messages. They even gave everyone a grace period of 2 weeks before they started enforcing those rules.

And now we have a bunch of people complaining about how the rules are not okay, when what they’re really whining about is that they didn’t believe Funcom would actually enforce them. :man_shrugging:


Spieleabend who you meant is a different person that I am, so I don’t need to make up my mind coz I am writting about something a bit diferent if you understood what I personally wrote. Okay, so as people are still doing it on every server it’s super cool to go on every single server now, report them all for abusing building system, and ban 70% of your playerbase? That is okay? If you tell me it’s not, then it’s unfair what happend to me, because that’s exactly what this guy is doing now. Joing new servers and reporting, and meshing himself because normally people can’t be bothered to actually report, as it’s too much effort, yet this kind of people exist and play and managed to ban whole server, and that is a fact. I will report him with photos and video with his mesh, wanna see how quick funcom is really gonna react to that.

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That’s okay. Seriously.

“Everyone does it” is not an excuse anymore. Not after 2 months. Not when there’s been plenty of evidence over those 2 months that Funcom is, in fact, serious about this.

I doubt it’s really 70% of players who haven’t caught on yet, but if it is, then they’ll either catch on or catch the consequences.

Eventually, it will stop being controversial that you shouldn’t grief other people, that you shouldn’t spam around your base, and all that stuff. But if we ever want the toxic behavior to stop being the acceptable status quo, they’ll just have to keep cracking down on it.


How can it be for the sake of everyone ? These 4 Tribes were basically the whole server… the server is dead and empty now xD

Ah c‘com, don‘t be such a nitpicker. I read the rules , you read the rules… you know exactly what i mean but i can be more precise if you treat me like an idiot:

Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game.

Basically every bush and every tree in the game is a resource… so building a base without blocking one of these things is impossible so when exactly does blocking ressources start ?

Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

What is considered a massive construction? 100 building pieces? 1.000 ? 10.000 ? Where is the sweet spot… again unprecise. Also certain base spots in pvp require to build a little bit more to make it kind of secure and defendable… does funcom even play its own game ?
Also Base in pvp need at least a little bit of landclaim (minimum 10 blacks radius) of landclaim around the base or others can simply counterclaim close to your base and you can‘t repair it anymore… that is fault of the ■■■■■■ game mechanic not the players fault.

No i really don‘t know why but if you are so sure about it then please go ahead and tell me… this was her Base:

On the Picture with the Altars you can see the Pillar spam of others in the Background… so what exactly is it? I mean the Altars are in the Water so they are not blocking any ressources or is the building to big ? I saw 10times bigger ones already so if that is the issue then funcom can delete 80% of the pve/pve-c servers.

And as Nenneke stated it… everybody does a little bit of landclaim around their base… if that is such a big deal for funcom than they should better close all of their official server or recode their ■■■■■■ landclaim mechanic.

Of course they can make unprecise rules and force their admins to ban everyone like crazy… but that backlashes… these people who got threated unfair will never buy a funcom product ever again. Yes its funcom servers but its also in their deccission how to handle it… or would you say that if you park wrong with your car it is appropriate to get a death sentence ?


Well, funcom is definitely making it unplayable then for their own players. If this pve building is an abuse because Idk the altars? I mean I need to craft stuff from these altars, would be cool if I can craft it all from one, but I cannot, I need to place them all in certain distance, coz they can’t be placed too close to each other. It was on the water, and all around me I had other people’s landclaim for half a year of turned off decay timer on pve-c server where you can’t even bomb it.

Also why people play on pve and pve-c servers, I guess one of the reasons is because they also wanna build something nice what can’t blown up in one day. It does take space sometimes, if they don’t have a nice base on pve and they can’t fight others, what they’re suppsoed to do there? Farm? For what if they can’t build the things they want XD I got a ban for landclaiming flat emptu water and building a palace on it. Should’ve choose a mesh or a resource spawn instead.


Let’s talk about this sentence.
Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

Reading quite some comments and posts on the forum made me realize that there are a lot of people with different cultural backgrounds and different levels of English reading comprehension here.
A lot of people read said sentence as, “Massive constrictions aren’t allowed” and want someone(funcom) to state what “massive” indicates.
But the term, " leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side." actually refers to “Massive constructions OR over-use of memory intensive items”. Both are the subject in this sentence. “which” would have been the object in this defining relative clause. Maybe it’s easier to understand like this.
Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items, which leads to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

One question we could discuss is: When does a structure affect the performance?

From my experience on an off. PVE-C server, every structure that has been build on water takes notably more time to load than a building of a comparable size and detail on land.
And big, high detailed bases built on water do cause lags on client side. I assume it has something to do with the reflective surface.
Those lags don’t bother me, as I’m used to them since the launch of Conan Exiles and they don’t impact my gameplay experience that much. Yet, for some users those lags can render a server unplayable, as I have experienced with my friends recently.
We went to another server, that had a huge amount of player created structures.(Basically all owned by three clans)
I could play there fine and experienced only small lags. For some of my friends, however, the frame rate would drop down to 2 fps. We play together on other servers without issues.

Well, my point is, Nennekes base might not have been too big, but might have caused lags anyway.


The rules are not tailored to your server or its current population. The rules are for everyone, on all servers. If you expect Funcom to care for the fact that almost everyone on your server was okay with the situation, that means you expect Funcom to have an admin assigned to take care of the community on each server. And that costs money. If we paid subscription to access official servers, that would be a perfectly reasonable level of service to expect.

But even if they did have an admin per server, is it really okay to ignore the rules and tolerate spam just because everyone currently playing on the server is okay with it? When I decide I’d like a fresh start, with a new character on a new server, I go and look for a server that looks decent. If I find a ton of spam, I skip the server, because I’ve had enough of that crap. And I’m not the only one, either. People are tired of spam, and they’re tired of servers being slowed to a crawl because someone thought it would be fun to build a replica of Taj Mahal and fill it with all sorts of animals.

Did you, by any chance, mean this:

Because that’s the only rule that has been conveniently absent from all of your complaints about how “anything could be spam”. :roll_eyes:

It starts when you block any resource. When does it become ban-worthy? That’s decided on a case-to-case basis.

Does it lead to loss of performance on both client and server? There’s never going to be a “sweet spot”, because it’s never been about how many pieces you place, but how you arrange them. You could do more damage with fewer pieces, so precise numbers are meaningless and would only lead to more “rule lawyering”.

Hey, I’m not the one who implied that they banned her because “she made like 2 lines of foundations around her base”. That was you.

Looking at the pictures, I can’t see anything that I would even report as a player, except for that pillar spam behind the altars. But I’m neither a player on your server, nor an admin, so I don’t know what happened here.

And that seems to be the real problem. Did they ban your girlfriend for spamming? Did they ban her for building in a way that causes performance problems? Did they even explain why they banned her? From what you wrote, it sounds like you don’t know what’s going on, either.

If you asked them for ban information and they didn’t answer, that’s not okay. If you asked them, but their answer was too vague and unclear, then I agree they should be clearer, like I’ve already said.

But if you say they banned her for a specific reason and you don’t really know it was for that reason, then don’t be surprised when people question you or point out that it sounds like a valid reason. :man_shrugging:

And as I already said, it doesn’t matter that “everybody does it”. History is littered with things that everybody thought were okay, but weren’t.

However, if the land claim prevents you from repairing or replacing things you’ve already built, that should be reported as a bug and they should fix that bug. And if someone is abusing that bug to harass and grief you, then that someone should be reported. They’re not only abusing the claim system, they’re actually exploiting a bug.

Are we really gonna do these hyperbolic metaphors again? This is getting old. You didn’t get a death sentence for parking your car wrong, you got banned from all Disneyland parks because you pooped on one of the rides in one of their parks.


So even if game is allowing me to build in the water, only because it causes performance loss I can get a ban for it even if I am not breaking any other rules? And that is my fault? There is a loss of performance if you teleport to a jungle coz of the trees. You gonna have a loss of performance by any building on the map, and the loss of performance will vary independently for everyone. And either this should be properly specified where again are limits, or funcom should do something to improve the performance and make it work smoother instead of punishing players for this as “loss of performance” leave too much speace for everyone’s own interpretation. There should be numbers, like players cannot build more than a quater of a square on a map, or go further than 20 blocks away from their base, I mean this is maybe not the best solution, I am not getting paid to give them the solution, but the rules are still leaving too much space to misinterpret and confuse players.

Code Mage - I had just few animals there, like Idk 5, the rest were thralls and horses, it was a pve-c server so it’s kinda needed as you still fight there with players. And also depending on a numbers of members in a clan, I am allowed +/- 100 followers being placed there. What you think would happen if I had 100 thralls in this base? Loss of performance? Indeed. And is that my fault? Or maybe we should have a proper said limits to that? If I am by game allowed to place 100 of followers, no matter if fighters or 100 tigers, game is still allowing me to do that, and so game developers and then their own people also ban players for doing what game allow them to. If I wanted to have Taj Mahal filled up with tigers and use it as a base as they can actually check, that will definitely cause performance loss, why then game allow me to do that and then ban me for it….? It’s not an exploit, developers give me certain numbers with limit. And that is obvious and I follow the rule, I don’t glitch and go over this 100.

Just to avoid the storm again, I didn’t even have half of it placed there.


IRL a road allows you to drive fast. Its up to the drivers to drive according the laws.

In real life you have speed limits which are obvious and visible.

Yes, anything anyone builds will affect performance in some way. Yes, the client-side performance will vary per client. However, the server-side performance won’t.

But this whole “everything affects performance” argument is just a continuum fallacy.

They have been doing that. Pretty much every major update has included optimizations and they keep working on it.

However, unlike players’ creativity, software optimizations are not a bottomless well. The more you optimize, the less returns you get from the effort you put into it. Sooner or later you hit the point where it’s much harder to wring an extra drop of performance from the code than it is to tell people that if they have to be considerate when they build on a shared server.

You might want building limits, but a lot of people don’t. There are two major arguments against hard limits for building:

  1. They already placed hard limits on the followers you can have and that didn’t produce the promised performance improvements.
  2. Numeric limits for building pieces and placeables will not solve the problem. Like I’ve already said, you can do more damage to server performance with fewer pieces, depending on how you arrange them.

In CE you have TOS you must read, its in your face by the message of the day… cmon please.