@Funcom are you ever gonna clarify the rules?

And specify if PVP and PVE rules are different.

But this is from a PVP perspective. And I’m not asking for the players opinions on what they think is right or wrong.

But sometimes you hear blocking obs/resources etc are okay. Sometimes you hear it’s illegal.

Some people say they’re reporting landclaim and getting it deleted.

Some video said you can have your base deleted for making heatstroke traps, because it causes lag.

If these things are true, what about all the similar cases? can you have your base deleted for building it too big? Are too many lamps in your base illegal? Is it okay to build castle walls and towers around your base perimeter?

I have no idea if all these claims of stuff being illegal are false. But if it’s true, wouldn’t it be a good idea to specify somewhere, so people actually know what they’re allowed to do and so you can show other people those rules, so they have a chance to change their build instead of just having it deleted?

I am not so sure but I believe that there are actually rules for every option you play. There is an exceptional member that might help us with that, @Narelle can you please light our darkness here?

I think lack of common sense to the point you’re disrupting other player’s gameplay is against the rules. At least that’s what I believe the rules/terms of conduct revolve around.

I’m not asking for opinions.

And even if we go by your judgement, whats the limit? (I’m not asking you, I’m asking Funcom)

Cos killing someone or raiding/wiping their base is clearly disrupting their gameplay.

So it’s not that clear cut.

And that’s why some official rules would be nice.

The Short Version of Official rule set is basically;
Play Fair…and don’t exploit and grief players.

People will always find a way to walk around rules or find loop hole or find a new way to kill people off…

So rule set means nothing cause player base is ever changing, and can never make up its mind on what tactics work.

Some like fair fights… some like to own the map and put nuts on people faces. Some like to stomp newbie river. Of if game allows it, you can do…

But also… offical rule set means nothing since they don’t really have means to fight back.

Survive, Build, Dominate, Prevent others from playing!
is common motto of game… Give or take 4th bit…

No, Thats clear part of game when you join a PVP server.

However, Blocking base off, and prevent them from getting to it would be a issue.

How its done is were it comes into play.
You and your friend hunt them down every time they go out for resources? fine.

You and your friend follow them and yell racial slurs at them…not fine

Placing 1000+ torches outside there base… not fine


To many people on the Survive, Build, Dominate, Prevent others from playing! play list.

Heat Stroke traps…are abit funny. I kinda put them in to many torches menu. Its somewhat of valid tactic if you think about it. 10+ fire places, you lock door behind them. XD

Then again… some people just don’t like losing the unwinnable fight. I’ve learned to just avoid people homes in most games. lol

I would like to say that you are not supposed to artificially “land claim” around your base with foundations, vaulths …

It block ressources and prevent others players to build there. And it is bad for servers performances.

Some players claim an entire map square around their base …

Open world does not mean that everything is allowed, there must be some limits so that everyone can play on public servers.

If the PVP servers were wiped every 3 months, it will in part solve this issue.

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I am not in a position to give an official statement on what is allowed and what not on the official pvp servers but what I think should be:

  • Obelisk/Dungeons/Starting Zone blocking - any blocking structures deleted and a warning issued, 2nd offence - ban
  • Undermesh - any structure found undermesh should result in the clan being foundation wiped and all their characters deleted + a temporary ban on officials, 2nd offence permanent ban. There are no false positives here. If you are undermesh there is no way that you don’t know what you are doing. If you are not actively playing with this clan, leave.
  • The use of 3rd party software to cheat - speedhacking, etc. Hard to verify/prove.

What should be fixed in order to provide more enjoyable and fair experience on officials:

  • The ability to use torches/fireplaces to cause frostbite/heatstroke i.e make your base unraidable more than it already is. The buff of those should not stack or be removed completely.
  • Cleansing weapons should not remove buffs on hit.
  • Horse/Rhino/Cat PvP
  • Underwater Vaults
  • Ability to block brimstone. No building zone. It is an essential resource for raiding.
  • Ability to build spam. It is common on pvp servers to claim the treb spots around your base but on officials it is impossible to moderate to what extend people do that. Some sort of land claim mechanic is needed. Until then, the cases shall be reviewed on case by case basis and cleaned up with a warning issued on 1st offence.
  • Thrall limit enabled. Not sure what the current value on the thrall damage for official is but it should be reduced to at least 0.5.

In addition, I also consider that regular wipes on official pvp servers will make these more popular + potentially improve the performance (even though I don’t think it is going to be much better as long as the server provider remains the same). 1 month is too short but something between 3 to 6 months would be reasonable. If 3 month wipe cycle is chosen, perhaps slightly boosted rates would be in order.

I am probably missing a few but these are the few issues on top of my head.


I agree to everything in this post!.


Me too, our sweet @Narelle rocks.


The rules are clear in the TOS.

I would like to add that the claiming system should be improved. Idk if someone has played Reign of kings in the past, it was my first survival game and it had the best claiming system I’ve seen in the genre so far. You place your house banner somewhere inside your base and it gives you an area that it was yours, and you could build ONLY inside that area, you could upgrade it 3 times to expand the area tho, but if someone raid your base, find your banner and destroys it, they could put their banner and that would be their area, and a clan could have 3 banners if I’m not mistaken. If someone could explain better I’ll appreciate it, my english sucks lol but the point is, that game doesn’t exist anymore and we could use some claiming system like that.


Funny, as that is not even a rule either because they refuse to identify fair and griefing…very vague so they can ignore when they want to.

Generally if you want a admin on forum you type @Community and if you’re not sure or want to avoid others options it’s best to pm one like @Hugo or @Ignasis there is a new dev here but I don’t remember the spelling of name and due note that there might be things players find out that they are not aware of that could cause harm or disruption of gameplay thus theirs rules can and given time will change as the situation demands it thus I hope that helps to get a more clear answer and also note that the devs are off on weekends thus you will not get a reply until Monday their time

Undermeshing really aught to just carry a permanent ban from the first offense. It’s already hard enough to stay ontop of all the exploiters in this game.


I look at under meshing as in game modders modding the mechanics to fit thier style and what they want the game to be.

EDIT: TLDR: 1. Massive PvP forts and large land claims are essential for surviving on a PvP server because bombs do too much damage to structures and Gods have no collision. 2. Massive Castles are fun, but players should try to be responsible about blocking resources (although most players can’t be responsible about this because they don’t even understand how land claim works). 3.Dynamic Building Damage will curtail the need to build so large, but FC should also really take a look at how landclaim works.

I agree with most of these, but I don’t think wiping officials is the answer.
Also. I believe that it is IMPERATIVE to control (EDIT: Notice I said “control” not land claim") almost an entire map square in PvP to prevent Godding. That being said… responsible players (which should be everyone) should block as few resources spawns as possible.

I don’t LIKE that this is an imperative, but it is the way it is. I will explain why shortly.

I would suggest that FC shift the bomb damage/building HP ratio so that it takes more than 7 bombs to destroy a T3 structure. (Or overhaul siege warfare, which I believe has been discussed in the past)

It should be noted, that my base took me almost a year of 4+ hour a day play sessions to build and I take great pride in not only it’s fortifications, but it’s aesthetic–worthy of an RP server. (This isn’t just to toot my horn. The numbers are relevant.)
At endgame, I can farm roughly 5 Explosive Jars every 10 minutes.

I could have enough resources to breach my massive base in 12.8 hours. And could–undisturbed (such as often the case in an offline raid)–bomb through it (a base more than 20 layers thick) in a measly 45 minutes… the base that took me 6-9 months or almost 1,400 hours of game time to build (admittedly, one of the other reasons I’m a bit biased against wiping PvP servers), as farming can be tough on a PvP server.

Because walls are weak (and I don’t mean wall pieces. I mean walls in general–I use fence foundations as walls for the increased HP), we NEED many layers of protection to prevent offline raiding. If I made a 1 ply wall on PvP out of T3, it would be penetrated in roughly 2 minutes by the first raid-happy barbarian that comes along. If I so much as log out for 2 minutes I can be entirely looted. Crazy. (Aside: this encourages players to be ‘always on’–at least during raid time–or risk the loss of progression, which I personally believe to be an unhealthy aspect of many videogames.)

If I’m going to survive, build, and dominate, then I have to be able to log off for two days and NOT get completely wiped out. In order to do this I HAVE to build enough layers to withstand at LEAST 8/9 hours of Trebbing (since the 6 hr raid window is so long) or bombing with no player intervention.
So… Because of the current bomb/building balance, to take a 2 day vacation from Conan–to go on a work trip, or to spend a weekend out on the town–and not worry about being wiped, then I need at least 432 layers of walls. That is INSANE.

If FC rebalanced these health values, making building pieces stronger relative to bombs, then they would make it so that you don’t NEED 20+ layers of gates to defend against an offline raid. If this was done, I do think that a rebalancing of the cost of building materials would also be in order to make building mats more expensive (not changing the cost to build, just consolidating the cost and the HP.) (Note. I am happy to acknowledge that once the Dynamic Building Damage Feature is implemented on Official Servers, this will likely be a moot point, as you only need to build your base thick enough to log of for the Dynamic Building Duration, as the possibility of offline raiding is removed.)

Also… The large land-claim is also to prevent people from getting within God range. God bubbles can protect you greatly; however, it currently takes an HOUR to put up a God bubble. This would be fine, except that there is no notification when someone else is crafting an Avatar token. This means that to ensure protection from Avatars (which, in case you guys have never used them, are IMMENSELY powerful and have NO COLLISION–so they essentially 2 shot any building piece they walk through or fly over) I would have to constantly farm Zeal. Every. Single. Day.

In an attempt to continue to explore and play the game instead of constantly farming for a God bubble (which–to be fair-- is the way I believe Funcom wants us to defend against Gods), I and many other PVP players opt to build land-claim in a far enough radius as to ensure that one cannot God the heart of the base without at least killing a few dozen thralls and breaching a perimeter wall, so that if someone does unleash an avatar they only hit the periphery of the base.

All of this being said: I don’t like that I have to build THAT MUCH just to walk away for two days and keep my progress, and I think Dynamic Building Damage will solve this problem. Also as @Narelle mentioned a re-invisioning of the Land Claim system is definitely needed and, while Funcom is at it, I would appreciate if they could go ahead and separate personal and clan buildings so that I can start a clan to inhabit my massive castle without worrying about them tearing it down while I’m offline.

I personally think Conan is more fun with big castles that are a challenge to raid. Gives the builders and harvesters something to do, and the raiders a true challenge.

Agreed on this, and this is really the crux of the issue. 90% Of the unfortunate meta we all kinda hate in this game stems from a series of pvp mechanics that aren’t really that well thought out. I said a similar thing about the old lollipop meta, it was a response to unsatisfying defense mechanics and that simply nerfing bubbles wouldn’t solve the core issue - and sure enough, it didn’t. With the increase on treb range, landclaim was (predictably) increased across servers to match, and you still need protection from gods, so you’re farming favor, no longer building cost effective pillar bases, AND you need more landclaim.

What is needed at the end of the day is a long, SERIOUS look into the state of PVP in this game, because anything less than a comprehensive approach to the many issues we’ve got will only exacerbate the issue. The ‘fixes’ we’ve gotten over the years have been the kind of small balance patches that would be more appropriate for a game that has a core design philosophy that makes sense and is largely stable - which conan kinda isn’t. I really wish they had decided to invest in the game rather than immediately jumping into expansions and more cosmetics, but what can you do. I don’t think that comprehensive look is coming.

This is a response to The7thCrest’s post, for clarity’s sake

For me this is a big problem as well, because if you can safely log off for 2 days and noone can breach your base even then, then they have no chance to successfully raid you when you are online ever. This may be fun for the defending clan but not for their opponents as it basically defeats the purpose of even trying.

However, I agree that this is what you have to do because no one can be asked to be there every single day for 6 hours with no break. Most of the good pvp private servers offer shorter raid hours + they introduce building restrictions which works quite well. A day mid week without raiding might not be such a bad idea either.

Unfortunately, I am not confident that the dynamic damage system as it works now would be the offline protection solution everyone is looking for as it would allow for raiding at any time as long as there is 1 person online from that clan with no time restriction.

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You sure about that?
Because im pretty sure that’s incorrect. It’s way to hard to raid a base. Ofc it depends on who is building it. A good builded base with drawbridges will be almost impossible to raid if there is 1 guy repairing all the time.

I think players on both sides of the argument underestimate how hard it is to balance attacker and defender. As a solo player, it usually feels to me line raiding is about as difficult as a Rust raid (I.e. not hard because it is a 14 day wipe), while grinding to build a raid resistant t3 feels like signing a 2 year contract with the Drudgery Inc.

I spent 2 weeks building my castle, couple of hours a night. Three nights ago a clan joined and as of last night they had 3 separate massive bases, not to mention maprooms and thrall camps. I log on each night assuming I’ve been raided and hoping they left my tools. But balance in my favor would unbalance for a group of friends playing together.

But I don’t have a solution for that balance, and I’ve never heard one that didn’t have a lot of concerns attached.

If I remember correctly, the official Funcom answer to anything regarding clarity or enforcement of rules is the Jameson laughing meme. I don’t have the source in front of me, but I’m fairly sure that 4 years of replies to rules questions would bear this out.