@Funcom are you ever gonna clarify the rules?

You can block resources as long as they can be found elsewhere however you can’t block boss and quest spawn areas.

It is totally possible. Come back several nights in a row. If you and your raiders come back several nights in a row and properly siege me until I run out of supplies to rebuild… anything you damage on night 1 has to be rebuilt before raid time on night 2. Same for night 3, and so on. So yea, you can TOTALLY raid me successfully, but IMO you shouldn’t be able to take another player’s entire progression in a night. If someone plays enough to build for more than a couple hours before raid time AND stay online throughout raid time, well, odds are you’re not going to out-farm them anyway.

I do also have concerns about this as well. As a solo player, I won’t be able to safely leave my base to farm anymore without risking someone showing up at my base and catching me unaware, however, as long as they make it so that my thralls will actually defend, I think I’m okay with it

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Funcom is fuc*** their playerbase. In recent months, wars on official servers have gone from fighting between clans to reporting between clans.
He who knows how to do the best report, forge the evidence better, wins the war. Period.

Funcom is doing a lot of things that is not described in its rules, such as deleting entire bases that did NOT have an irregularity, describing fence foundation stack as abusive construction and BANNING PLAYERS BY DOING THIS (i don’t know if you know this, but it’s true), describing vaults near an obelisk as “closing obelisks”.

As much as this is a game, these rules are not described WITHIN the game itself and there is nowhere a requirement to enter the forum and the link to the rules before playing.
There is no definite measure to know what is abusive or not and there is no way within the game itself to know if you are within the rule or not.

There were clans playing on the same server for 2 years. several buildings from other clans were dipped, much loot was obtained over this time.
The rules were created AFTER they acquired all of these, there is no way for you to know if you are within the rules or not, no warning to fit to the rules before the punishment and nothing like that.

There are players with 8,000 hours of play on these servers, some with addiction, others using the game as occupational therapy and so on.

There are real-life legal issues that they are ignoring, laws.

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Based on messages received from ADMINS:

If you create a claim next to the enemy base and then make a trebuchet, it can be considered an abusive claim by funcom, they are gonna ban you before you attack your enemy.

Stack of fence foundation is now considered abuse of the building system, so you can report everybase on almost every official server.

If you make a claim around your base (size at the discretion of funcom) it is also abusive.

Building ANYTHING close to an obelisk is also abusive.

Depending on what happened to you, you can proceed with legal measures under consumer laws.

Major, you and i both know that your ban, your clan’s ban and your allyes ban was deserved.

You blocked vital resources such as brimstone and horses.
You used a secondary clan to try to avoid suspension by doing whatever you like in that server.
You tried to frame our clan with another of your allyes using the same name that our clan, breaking the rules and blaming us.
Another of your allyes had 3 huge bases around the map, one of them STILL has an insane land claim in south jungle, blocking brimstone on the water.

Your clan in particular, had around 200 Vaults in bridge of the betrayer near the pink obelisk. and claimed all the way from the crevice, to The Great Dam.

And your other alllied clan, had and insane amount of claim around the map to prevent others from building in “good” spots such as Eastern Barracks or “Deserter’s Gutter” or near their main base to prevent trebuchets on south jungle, alongside the other allied clan.

When you play on official servers you are supposed to know the rules and guidelines clarified by funcom in here.

And by the way, you very well know that i have proof of everything of what i am saying.
If your clan, and your allies played by the rules we could had a fantastic good fight there. But no, Someone decided to break the rules, so someone got banned for it. why? because they were afraid of losing. nothing more and nothing less.

We told your leader that he was going to get banned if he keeps breaking the rules, he didn’t listen. you keep mocking us for not having brimstone and horses “haha rhino clan” that is what you said.
As if you guys could keep being unpunished forever. Now funcom restored the balance. God bless them.
if you want to blame someone, you just have to look at yourself and your leader Yarc.
Good day.


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Wrong, read the rules. You cannot block ANY resourse.

The rules are not in the game.
The rules are not bound within the game.
The rules are not available in the languages ​​to which they sold the game.
The rules are not clear, they do not have values ​​defining what is and what is not abusive.

The region in which my clan claimed under the bridge, has no boss spawn, vital resources and nothing.
Those vaults had things stored in them.
My clan didn’t have an abusive claim, and it didn’t claim resources or anything like that.

You know very well that people entered this server using our nicknames and the name of our clan. I even have proof of that.

The claim of my allied clan were huge, but it existed LONG before the rules were invented, nowhere in civilized world the laws are retroactive.
It was practically impossible to remove all constructions in order to adapt to new rules, which in turn have no defined values.

Something you may not know, but my ban’s justification was for Fence FOUNDATION stack.
Does that make sense to you?
They completely destroyed our base, our farmed resources (of over 2 years of farming) for something that didn’t even exist in the rules.
All bases for all servers (official and private) are done in this way.

You only speak that way because you have benefited. But the treatment, justification and punishment was completely unreasonable, arbitrary and exacerbated.

I will not dwell on this subject here in the forum because I am dealing directly with FUNCOM regarding this.

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it is common knowledge that the these kinds of games with “official” servers have a set of rules or guidelines, Now, your argument is that the rules were invented at some point after the deed was done.

Lets say for a moment that you are right and this was the case.
Even if it that is the case, Funcom own the servers, the rules CAN be invended because they OWN them.
it is the same as private servers, The admins decide what rules they have in their servers.

Do not compare it to real life laws because thats entirely different that can vary in each country and is not as easy as simply saying “today i am going to make this a law” unless is an authoritarian/dictadorship goverment.

And Even if that isn’t the case, WE TOLD YOU THAT WHAT YOU GUYS WERE DOING WAS AGAISNT THE RULES. You not only decided to ignore us but also, mock us.
So you cannot say that you simply “didn’t know the rules”.
Your clan knew exactly what they were doing, hell, one of you guys said “war strategy” as a response on why the hell he blocked the resources.
Hell, i got you all recorded trying to stop us from releasing the resources.

No. it doesn’t. But why funcom decided to remove exactly what we reported as well? clared salt lake? released the foals spawns?
The landclaim that yarc had all around the map?.
Maybe, just maybe, funcom decided that it was against the rules and decided to act accordanly.

if you have played privates, you know that the admin can do whatever the hell they want. and to me, in this case, the rules of the admin were clear. minus of course, the fence foundation stacking. thats nonsense. no joke.

You are wrong, neither me or my clan got any benefit because what we do is war. we have fun doing war and fighting alphas. we do not care or want to own any server so is not really as fun wiping the alphas ourselvelves rather than have to resort to funcom because you guys leave us no other choice by blocking the brimstone spawn. We could live with no horses, but no brimstone is nonsense, and it wasn’t just salt lake, but ALL brimstone spawns, even underwater.

If you guys didn’t do that, we probably would be still fighting and having fun in the damn game.
So no, there wasn’t benefit for us.

BUT to be fair, it is true that the rules aren’t in the language that they sold you the game. we can agree on that.
in your case, portugese, in mine. spanish.

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So many excuses for breaking the rules. Some are even funny.

This alone should be enough reason to have your right to play official servers revoked permanently.


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Reading the end of this thread is like seeing a conversation hijacked by bickering spouses.


It’s easy to raid by using arrows + jars.
If you have 9 players shooting explosive + gas Arrows while one player put jars, you melt down any base. Even stacked really fast

You can be banned.
I was banned for STACKING FENCE FOUNDATION. This was an official funcom answer.
So, stacked bases will be wiped if someone report you.

For dynamic raid to work properly, they need to change other game mechanics.
Like: for a player to leave a clan and join another one, it should have a timer.
Beds placed when you are on clan, should be removed when you leave that clan and things like that. So ppl won’t use a secondary clan to keep their stuff.

This resource blocking rules are dumb…
Everywhere you build, you are going to block a resource. It could be stone, trees, aloe, foals and etc…
The right thing funcom should make is to turn this kind of places restricted to building. I can turn the sulfur Lake into a restricted place in 5 minutes on devkit…
We should be able to get foals in jhebbal sag’s dungeon, so there Will Always have foals in the map.


Then it could be a problem for a single guy yes. But then assume people are defending aswell, you wont be able to do much.

I build my base and it’s a big base. The only thing I’m blocking are a dozen stone veins and a tree.

You can’t come in here and say “Oops! I accidently build my base on the Shattered Spring Lake.”

My base was in the crevice. We’ve blocked only some stone/iron veins and some trees.
Our landclaim around the base wasn’t big. The enemies even built a trebuchet in front of an entrance.
Your base must be using fence stacking. So beware, you must be banned for doing this. No joke here.

As i said Before. The official answer funcom gave me was: “you are banned as a warning due stacking fence foundations”.