FUNCOM are you serious?

you do this things in updates

  • Added voice and audio effects to Siptah turtles, but they still don’t eat pizza.

but still cant fix 40 accuracy perk 6 or 7 month.


Found it :

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What are those??

Joke: 22 seconds to type
Bug fixing: Uh actually, this is not a top priority right now.

Two unrelated things my dude

ofc. we need this more than broken archers in game
TOP priority

I love the Solution to your bug is that they were aware of the bug, but no actual link or connection to the bug they aware of…

“Yeah we know this bug is a bug…whats that…fix it…i just said, we are aware of it…what do you mean fix it next patch… i said… we are aware of it”


If i ran bug triage like that Microsoft i would have been fired.

“Ummm whats that… you found a bug in Visual Studio… thank you, yes we know that bug exists”… “Sir, Visual Studio is ready to release now…bugs…yes there were bugs, but its important to know that we know there are bugs…so…yes. go ahead and release now please”

That’s what bug triage is about. Software releases don’t actually fix all the bugs from the previous release. Take Visual Studio, for example:

Sure, we could complain about how Funcom doesn’t have a decent public-facing bug tracking system. Using forums for bug reports sucks donkey balls. But then again, it’s a video game, not Visual Studio. No offense to Funcom, or to players, but this game is far from being as important as Visual Studio :wink:

Even major foundational software projects have ancient bugs that are either closed outright as “won’t fix”, or remain open because the priority is too low. Being told “yeah, we know what you reported is a bug and we’re planning to fix it eventually” isn’t anything new or unreasonable.

Sure, we might not like it, but the hyperbolic comparisons with Microsoft are … well… silly :smiley:

Triage is based on severity levels, pooling the knowledge and batching the clustors. In the links you provided you’ll note there is a lot of batch and cross referencing going on. Behind the scenes we also have a more comprehensive meta data associated to the bug(s) but our actions are also published back to the customers constantly.

Point of the sarcasm was to demonstrate there is a feedback loop :slight_smile:

Whats the difference? Oh wait… you want them to get a free pass… i keep forgetting you advocate for the status quo…as thats good enough right… i mean all of us getting angry at Funcom about quality issues and cheating are just the minor few who don’t get it.

One day you’ll get your Chosen of Aura soon Code… one day :slight_smile: i’m rooting for you bud.

It was sarcasm / joke. Way to take it to the next level though :wink: Thanks for giving me a lecture on how software industry works… after all these years making platforms and tooling… i am now suddenly filled with so much more knowledge based on your limited insight into it all.

Lol this was flagged as “spam” sigh

Yes. Which is precisely why I said:

Now let’s see:

Pretending you don’t understand the difference between a widely adopted and massively used software development toolchain and a somewhat niche video game? Check!

Misrepresenting my position as “advocating for status quo” because I pointed out that your argument is silly? Check!

Ad hominem insinuation that I’m arguing with you because I give a f*ck about a silly forum title? Check!

“It’s just a prank bro”? Check!

Credential dropping p*ssing match? BINGO!

Congratulations, that’s everything on the Funcom Basher Forum Bingo Card! :laughing:


Like i said, lets just keep it in Status Quo land… if you get in early they’ll rename a thrall after you :rofl:

The fact you play bingo on that clearly defines the line between where you stand and where you don’t stand on any given topic regarding this games future. Like I said, statuos quo advocate.


Yeah, because it’s obvious to anyone but bootlickers like me that it’s totally impossible to advocate for changes through constructive, honest argument. But maybe if you keep up your rhetoric, you’ll change people’s minds. It totally works :wink:

Good glad we agree … wasn’t so hard

This will never happen. To much " i know, you do not" :wink:


This is not a bug report, so closing thread since it’s also been derailed even from its original intent.
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