Funcom as you know Florida has Hurricane Coming. Server 1507

I happen live in Middle Florida were it land. which in turn we going lose power. last time took them 1 months restore. I happen got help from friend he will store my goodies in bank for me. Hope those of you get affected by storm be safe don’t take unnecessary risk & Be SAFE!. I am probably going lose my buildings but all my T4 thralls stored away. Great server we have & lot support. Rest of you Gamer’s even not affected by storm Be Safe too. Peace


My daughter lives in West Palm, so i am watching the storm closely myself from Texas. Be safe yourself.

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Be safe. DM me if you have friends on the server, that you can trust to help you out.

There is a trick that even an enemy can use that will keep your decay alive.

ALSO EVERYONE: buy a glass-break tool and keep it on your keyring or in your car. Practice escaping through the window. :safety_vest:


I got night at the roxbury on my playlist and a football helmet. Hope that qualifies as glass-break tools

Seriously though. Stay safe all.

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