Funcom at TwitchCon: Conan Exiles

If you attended this year’s TwitchCon, you may recognize this goofy group! From left to right we have Andy, Nicole, Natascha, and Eirik who manned the Funcom Twitch booth through the weekend.

Let us start off by saying it was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone who stopped by to check out Conan Exiles or see what’s new. Everyone was incredibly kind, welcoming, and happy to talk with us.

We had a very large amount of people who came to the booth that were Conan Exile fans! It was such a pleasure to speak with them and talk about what they do in game or things they’d like to see for the future. Many of them were from private RP servers, so hearing about their characters and backstories was absolutely amazing. In particular many players from the Hyborian Age RP server showed up!

We also were able to meet up and chat with a lot of great and notable streamers of Conan Exiles. Here are just a few!



INDIE, FistofTheWalrus, and TheOnlyRyan.

We were also incredibly happy to learn a couple that came by who met in Conan Exiles and plan on getting married in the near future!

We also got to meet ErynLyn, yanDreaya, HeartOnMySleeve, Cotastus, and so many others.

They also got to try out the horses. Mounts are still a work in progress but those who tried them out gave us valuable feedback on it, saying they felt smooth and intuitive. Those that were hesitant about mounts initially, quickly warmed up to it after cantering around the world. The dismount animation in particular garnered a good amount of excitement! :wink: We hope you all will feel the same once it’s out!

You can see a little on how they’ll look and work here, along with swimming and mounted combat:

Partner Program

If you visited the booth, you may have also discovered our Streamer Program sign. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s the scoop! We are currently researching and planning on putting together a Partner Program. A survey was open at the convention to those who would be interested. The survey is still here so you are more than welcome to take it as well. The survey is to gather what you find important or prioritize in a streamer program. Survey link.

And that’s that! Again, we had an amazing time at TwitchCon this year and meeting so many of you. If we missed you at the booth or were there and have pictures, please share!